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Affording Fertility Treatments

Finding ways to afford fertility treatments can be discouraging and can make you feel like your dreams are out of reach. NCCRM is here to help, we’ve put together a list of tips for affording your fertility treatment.

How to Save Money for Fertility Treatments

Saving money is the key to affording fertility treatments. Whether that means cutting costs, setting up a budget, or working overtime, do what you can to save money in order to accomplish your dream of fertility. Secondly, setting up a separate savings account for your fertility dreams may help give you a visual of how much you are saving.


With the support of your local community, raising money for your fertility treatment can be a breeze. Similarly, many people fundraise through GoFundMe, a platform that allows people to raise money for events.

Apply for Aid

There are also a variety of organizations and programs that offer finanical aid. Some of the current grant programs include B.U.M.P.S., The Cade Foundation, Fertile Dreams, and the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation.

Reduce Your Income-Tax Payments

The IRS has a touch of empathy for those struggling to get pregnant. Alert your accountant of your costs: IVF, IUI diagnostic tests, fertility drugs, reproductive surgeries, travel expenses associated with fertility treatment, and pregnancy tests are tax-deductible.

We hope these tips help you become closer to affording infertility treatements. Contact NCCRM to schedule a consultation or speak with one of our physicians today by calling (800)-932-7202

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