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Clinical Alternatives to IVF

When talking about fertility treatments, one of the first things that are mentioned is in-vitro fertilization (IVF). However, there are plenty of other ways that you can become pregnant or prepare your body for a baby. NCCRM offers tubal reversal services Durham along with a few other fertility treatments that you can try.

Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is a type of artificial insemination in which sperm are prepared and placed into the uterus during the time your ovaries expel one or more eggs to be fertilized. This method is helpful for fathers who have a low sperm count or if the sperm is having a hard time reaching the egg. This can also be paired with fertility medications to increase the chances of pregnancy.


Most medications that can help with fertility increase the number of eggs released, increase hormones to prepare the uterus to hold a child, or prevent premature ovulation in preparation for IUI or tubal reversal services Durham. Here are a few types of medications that are available to help improve women have a baby.

  • Ovarian Stimulation: Clomiphene Citrate, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Human Menopausal Gonadotropins
  • Prevent Premature Ovulation: BnRH Agonists, GnRH Antagonists
  • Supplements, such as over-the-counter medications that can improve fertility levels

And there are others that help with the implantation of the embryo, allowing the male partner to produce more testosterone and, in turn, more sperm, and progesterone, which is a hormone.


Sometimes, there are blockages in fallopian tubes or scarring that can prevent the ovum from getting to or attaching itself to the uterus. These issues can be fixed via surgery.

A hysteroscopy can be used to identify the problem, such as fibroids or polyps, and remove them. It can also help the doctor see if there is anything else that is going on that could prevent an embryo from growing.

Laparoscopic surgery can help doctors identify if there is anything that is causing infertility, such as endometriosis or damaged fallopian tubes.

Abdominal myomectomy is the removal of growths that develop between the muscular layer of the uterus. This surgery requires a bit more recovery time, but it can significantly improve the chances of childbirth and even the quality of life for the woman.

NCCRM | Fertility Treatment in Durham, NC

NCCRM is a fertility clinic that offers help for families and couples who are trying to have a child. We offer tubal reversal services Durham, fertility treatments, and gynecological services that can both improve the quality of life for the woman and allow that family to have a child. To learn more about our services, please visit our website.

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