Compression Garment and Surgery with Liposuction

Compression Garment and Surgery with Liposuction

Compression Garment After Tubal Reversal Surgery with Liposuction

A firm compression garment that fits firmly over the area of incision is required to be worn at all times for at least 2 weeks after the tubal reversal surgery with liposuction. Such garments are intended to provide continuous postoperative compression to areas treated by liposuction. Some garments are constructed from Lycra type cloth, while other garments are made from elastic cloth typical to that used for girdles.  Failure to wear this after surgery can cause seromas (swelling under the skin) that sometimes need to be drained by a medical professional.

We recommend anything similar to this picture, making sure that it firmly compresses the area at the bikini line. You can find these online through Walmart.


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