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Depression & Anxiety Due to Infertility

Infertility and miscarriages come with unforeseen emotions that can be extremely hard to cope with. Especially in a society where it feels hard to open up to others because it can be such a taboo subject. Infertility is emotionally and physically exhausting. It is important to not ignore those feelings and notice the warning signs.

Signs of Depression

Depression can consume your entire life. A sign of depression due to infertility is constantly thinking about infertility in all settings. Whether it is out with friends or watching a movie, not being able to concentrate on the moment is a sign of depression. Another sign is the overwhelming feeling of guilt. You may feel guilty about not starting your fertility journey earlier or that you are “not good enough” to be fertile or you have begun  NCCRM IVF and it is not going as well as you thought. Being infertile is not a choice and is not a crime and therefore you are not guilty. Other signs include constant feelings of sadness, feeling worthless or ashamed, feeling socially isolated, and not enjoying activities you used to.

Signs of Anxiety

Infertility can cause an overwhelming amount of nervousness, but there is a fine line between being nervous and anxious. Signs of anxiety include excessive worrying daily, being nervous even after a tension period, feeling anxious for no particular reason, and having panic attacks.

It is possible to experience depression and anxiety simultaneously. Easily becoming frustrated, angry, trouble concentrating, and trouble remembering things are all signs of depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can also worsen your sexual health. If you’re experiencing sexual difficulties, it’s important that you not only consider counseling but also let your fertility doctor know as NCCRM IVF could be an option for you. Other common signs are overeating, undereating, excessive drinking, and insomnia.


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