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Did you know that you aren’t alone in your infertility struggles?

Infertility is a struggle faced by many people and you aren’t alone. Don’t believe us? What if we told you even a former first lady discussed her struggles with getting pregnant and needed IVF? It’s true. Michelle Obama discussed that she miscarried and required IVF to have her two girls. So, when you feel like you are all alone– remember you aren’t. It’s becoming less taboo to discuss your infertility struggles and more women(and men) are admitting to the struggle. Here are some celebrities (to name a few-trust us-there are so many more!) that have discussed their need for ART.

Brittany Aldean (Jason Aldean) – struggles with endometriosis and did IVF

Bridgette Nielsen – froze her eggs and had child at 52 from her frozen eggs

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban- did IVF and also used gestational carrier

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick- used gestational carrier

Elizabeth Banks- used gestational carrier

Celine Dion- IVF

Courtney Cox and David Arquette – IVF

Mariah Carey- IVF

Brooke Shields- IVF

Chrissy Teigen- IVF

Martie McGuire and Emily Robinson (sisters from Dixie Chicks)- both needed IVF

Kim Kardashian- IVF and used gestational carrier

and of course, Michelle Obama (find out more here from her interview)

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