Affording Treatment

Shared Risk Refund for Donor IVF

Money Back Guarantee Package for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using Donor Eggs (CROPP Program)

CROPP provides couples for whom IVF is medically necessary a chance to pursue their dreams of pregnancy with minimal financial risk.  If pregnancy occurs the contract is terminated with a viable pregnancy beyond 26 weeks. If a miscarriage occurs before viability during the FIRST or SECOND attempt, further attempts will be allowed AS LONG AS THE ONE YEAR TIME LIMIT HAS NOT EXPIRED. If a miscarriage occurs after 12 weeks on the THIRD attempt, NO REFUND OR ADDITIONAL CYCLES ARE OWED TO THE PATIENT. This plan is designed for couples who have no medical infertility benefits through their health insurance plan. We have capable, caring financial counselors who can answer your questions. For full details, please call 919-233-1680, extension #137.


  • $14,500 3 cycles including all FETS  Recipient < 45 years of age
  • $16,500 3 cycles including all FETS  Recipient > 46 years of age

** Prices reflect cash amount.  See below for details.

Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) do not count as a cycle
Monitoring Package: $1500 per cycle including daily cycle evaluation. NCCRM will bill insurance for monitoring and accept what insurance pays.
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): $3,000 total for all cycles (non-refundable)
Assisted Hatching: $1,500 total for all cycles (non-refundable)


  • Donor Compensation: $3000 each cycle
  • Donor Medications: Approximately $3000 each cycle
  • Recipient Medications: Price varies each cycle
  • Medical Screening & Initial Work-up: $600 – 1000 (usually covered by health insurance)
  • Semen Analysis: $100
  • Semen Freeze: $200
  • Anesthesia: $250 – Mac Anesthesia with IV Sedation
  • Embryo Cryopreservation: $500 (Each cycle)
  • Annual Storage Fee (after first year): $325
  • Confirmation of Pregnancy Varies
  • Medications: approximately $3000 – $5000
  • SCSA – Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay test: $350
  • Blastocyst Culture: $250
  • Psychological Evaluation:  $250


** Prices above reflect cash amounts.  Regular prices are as follows:
$15,500 3 cycles including all FETS  Recipient < 45 years of age
$17,500 3 cycles including all FETS  Recipient > 46 years of age
** For more information, please call 919-233-1680 x137 or