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Getting Pregnant After 35 with NCCRM

The idea of getting pregnant after 35 might scare some people, but some women and families like to wait until they’re a little older to start or grow their families. There are a lot of reasons why some decide to wait, whether it’s preparing financially, mentally, emotionally, or other reasons.

If you’re someone who is looking to have a child later in their life, you aren’t alone. Some ovaries and ovum are completely viable as the body ages. There will be some obstacles and you might have questions, but NCCRM is here to help! From the tubal reversal procedure Durham to egg freezing, you have options to help you grow your family.

Your Options

There are many options for women over 35 to get pregnant. Some women can get pregnant fairly easily when they get older, but most doctors will prescribe fertility treatments if you’ve tried without success for 6 months or more. Your doctor may recommend medications or in-vitro fertilization. Here at NCCRM, we also offer the tubal reversal procedure Durham, which will rejuvenate your ovaries and fallopian tubes, allowing them to release healthier eggs.

If you are currently under 35 and are thinking about waiting to have a child, you may want to freeze your eggs to preserve them and prepare them to be fertilized in the future. This will increase your chance of having a child that has your own genes.

You can also use an egg or embryo donor, or surrogate mother. The egg/embryo donor will donate one of their fertilized or non-fertilized eggs to you so you can carry it, give birth, and breastfeed the child. You can also place one of your eggs or embryos in the uterus of a surrogate.


If you don’t know where to start on your journey to having another child, you can start by talking to your physician at NCCRM about your options, medical history, and ability to get pregnant. Once you have a plan, cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, and quitting smoking will help your body prepare to have a child. You should also keep an eye on your body’s fertility signs, such as basal body temperature and cervical fluid. These can help you keep track of your fertility levels and tell you if something is wrong.

While it might be a little more difficult to get pregnant, you can talk to your doctor about fertility treatments such as the tubal reversal procedure Durham to help rejuvenate your reproductive organs.

NCCRM | Fertility Clinic in Durham, NC

NCCRM is a fertility clinic in Durham, NC. We are happy to offer the citizens of North Carolina fertility treatments, surgeries, diagnoses, gynecology services, and more. If you are looking to grow your family, visit to learn about your options and how we can help.

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