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Acupuncturist David Peters L.Ac., LMBT, MSOM

david petersDavid graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton,FL with a Bachelors Degree of Chemistry. He worked in the corporate world for several years until he found his passion to become a holistic practitioner. Ever since, David’s path has been in the pursuit of knowledge to assist others in the best heart-centered and professional way he can. David has been practicing Oriental Medicine since 1997. He began his career in the Chicago suburbs working with Renee Ryan. She has been a guiding mentor for David in the field of Jin Shin Do acupressure and was his first Qigong instructor. He also worked for a short time with Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Dale Cress. In 1999, he moved to Florida to continue his Massage Therapy training and start a new career in the Physical Therapy business. He worked in the PT field for seven years helping patients with musculo-skeletal disorders, pre and post op care, rehabilitation etc. In the Spring of 2002, David decided to take his skills to the next level by entering the Masters Degree Program at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. He acquired extensive knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine from some of the best practitioners in the United States. He had the honor of studying under Dr. Fu Di, author of San Zhen Therapy, and world reknowned acupuncturist. He also had the honor of studying under Peilan Yao and Johanna Yen, both were OB/GYN doctors in China. This is where David first got a taste for Fertility Medicine. In 2005, David moved to Cary,NC to begin his practice of Acupuncture. He began treating patients under the care of all the Fertility Clinics in the area. Now, after seven years of successfully treating hundreds of couples trying to conceive, David looks forward to serving his community with his knowledge and experience. David also specializes in Musculo-skeletal disorders, Gastroenterological disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. David has also been teaching for over 10 years and loves to practice TaiJi and Qigong exercises. He was appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the North Carolina General Assembly to serve on the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board in 2007. He has served as Vice-Chairman for 5 of those years and is now currently the Chairman of the NCALB.

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