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LGBTQ+ Family Building with NCCRM

For many same-sex couples who are looking to start a family, they have to go through an extensive process. There are certain hurdles, however, that can be avoided if you go to the right clinic. NCCRM is happy to help couples and members of the LGBTQ+ community grow their families. From a tubal reversal procedure Raleigh NC to in-vitro fertilization, we offer multiple options that can help you have a child.

Sperm Donation

For lesbian couples and single women who want to have children of their own, there are a few routes you can take. One is sperm donation and the other is IVF co-maternity. If you decide to use a sperm donor, we can provide referrals to different sperm banks or you can provide your own donor. We will freeze the sperm specimen in advance, and offer fertility treatments to help with the pregnancy journey.

We can also offer [IVF co-maternity]( IVF%2C also referred to,partner will carry the pregnancy.), where we can stimulate one partner to produce the eggs. Then, we will retrieve the eggs. While this partner is undergoing treatment and taking egg-stimulating medications or procedures, such as the tubal reversal procedure Raleigh NC , the other is taking medications to stop the ovulation cycle and prepare their uterus for the reception of an embryo. The embryo transfer will take place 3-5 days after the egg-providing partner has had the procedure. The child will have the genetic makeup of the sperm donor and the egg-providing partner, and the other will carry, give birth, and breastfeed the child.


For male couples, an egg donor and/or a gestational surrogate are needed to start a family. Eggs are then removed from the egg donor, placed in the uterus of the gestational surrogate, then fertilized with the sperm of one or both of the partners. As stated above, the egg donor will be taking medications to increase her ovum production and the surrogate will be taking medications to help stop their ovulation process and prepare the uterus for an embryo.

There are ways that you can find an egg donor and a surrogate mother to carry the child. You can choose to ask a family friend or family member to donate their eggs or carry the child.

NCCRM | Fertility Clinic in Raleigh, NC

NCCRM is a fertility clinic in Raleigh, NC that offers fertility medications, diagnoses, and procedures such as the tubal reversal procedure Raleigh NC. If you and your partner are looking to grow your family, there are options that you can pursue! Visit our website to learn more about your family planning and growing options.

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