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Tubal Reversal Cost Factors

If you have received Tubal Ligation and are seeking to regain fertility, you have multiple options for Tubal Reversal surgery. Cost can be a determining factor when searching for options. Depending on the type of ligation surgery you had, it is a case by case scenario when it comes to pricing. The Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery offered by NCCRM includes Reversal of Tubal ligation procedure done by Bipolar Coagulation, Monopolar Coagulation, Tubal Clip, Tubal Ring, Pomeroy Tubal Ligation, Essure, and Adiana.

When planning for a Tubal Reversal, you must provide your current height and weight. This helps our surgeons determine if the procedure can be performed on your in our surgery center. Your BMI does affect the cost of your tubal reversal surgery. For women whose BMI is 29 or higher, Dr. Toma will need to perform liposuction to access the Fallopian tubes. This will add $1,000 to your fees.

For Essure and Adiana Reversals at NCCRM, the cost is $6,250 with a $50 non-refundable booking fee. For Essure or Adiana Removal, the removal-only fee is $4,500. If you want to restore your fertility after removing the Essure coils, the fee is $6,250. If liposuction is needed, there will be an additional $1,000 fee to accomplish the Essure removal.

Curious as to why different procedures, all with a similar end goal, have different prices? Different procedures may require the surgeon to take fewer or more steps during the operation. For example, Essure requires a tubocornual implantation. Bipolar Coagulation Reversal involves cutting the burnt segments and reattaching the two segments of the tube into one continuous patent tube.

Insurance may cover some additional fees as well. The base price of a Tubal Reversal is $4,750, while the Essure Reversal base price is $6,250. This includes the anesthesia, Tubal Reversal surgery, and a 2 week post-op visit. Other possible additional fees that may be incurred include consultation and ultrasound, pre-operative testing, liposuction, previous abdominal surgeries, medications, travel/lodging/food, and fibroid/polyp removal.

Tubal Reversal is usually the best treatment for most women wanting to become pregnant after having their tubes tied. It enables most women to conceive naturally, without having to take fertility medications. If you are interested in a tubal reversal, contact us today or watch videos about Tubal Reversal Surgery on our website.

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