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What Causes Infertility In Women?

About one in eight American couples have trouble with infertility, and these problems can be difficult to understand. There are so many factors that go into having a child; even the smallest things can have an impact. At NCCRM, a fertility specialist NC, we understand how frustrating it can be to be unable to have children on your own, but we are dedicated to assisting you in finding the root cause of your infertility. Here are a few common causes of infertility in women.

  • Failure to ovulate
  • Implantation failure
  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Unknown issues

Failure to Ovulate

If the ovary is unable to produce or release eggs, this can prevent them from being fertilized. Failure to ovulate can be a result of a variety of different reasons, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), aging, and endocrine disorders. About 40% of women struggle with ovulation-related infertility but visiting a women’s fertility specialist can help you decipher why these problems are occurring.

Implantation Failure

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the egg or the sperm, but with the uterus itself. Fertilized eggs can have difficulty implanting into the wall of the uterus in order to start developing and growing. This can be caused by endometriosis, genetic defects, scar tissue, uterine fibroids, and other reproductive ailments. A fertility specialist NC, such as NCCRM, offers services to diagnose and treat certain ailments to make implanting possible for the fertilized egg.

Blocked Fallopian Tube

Fallopian tubes take the ovum to the uterus to be fertilized and produce an embryo. Sometimes, a fallopian tube becomes blocked, which means that the egg can no longer travel to the uterus to be fertilized. This can create problems for those who are trying to become pregnant. There are a few reasons why a fallopian tube can become blocked, including scar tissue, infections, and uterine fibroids. Visiting a women’s fertility specialist is imperative to figuring out the cause of this blockage and taking the proper steps to remove the obstacle.

Unknown Issues

In some cases, the cause of the infertility is not discovered. There could be a combination of factors between both partners, but there isn’t one specific problem that specialists can pinpoint. While this is a frustrating situation, your NCCRM fertility specialist NC is dedicated to doing their best in finding out as much information as possible and relaying back to you. This can be a step in deciphering what next steps to take and options available to the couple.

NCCRM | Fertility Specialist NC

At NCCRM, we understand how stressful it can be to have a child, especially when efforts are consistently coming up empty. However, our staff is dedicated to your health, wellness, and dreams of growing your family. We will curate a treatment plan that suits your wants, needs, and lifestyle. For more information about what we offer as one of the top fertility specialist NC has to offer, please visit our website.

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