Treatment Options

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

PGDPre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), is a procedure designed to examine your embryos for chromosome abnormalities. The test, known as Genesis-24, examines all 24 chromosomes—the 22 non-sex chromosomes plus the 2 sex chromosomes (X & Y) in time for your embryo transfer. Chromosome abnormalities may result in aneuploidy (wrong number-e.g. Down Syndrome), translocations (incorrect chromosome position), or other structural alterations that may be clinically significant.

PGS is typically prescribed for couples of advanced maternal age, known familial translocations/inversions, gene duplications, and deletions, or families who have had recurrent pregnancy losses both naturally and through IVF.  The screening aims at improving pregnancy rate by testing your embryos for chromosome abnormalities—an increasing problem for families who choose to have children later in life. Without PGS screening, embryos are chosen based on their visual quality and morphology alone. In cycles that incorporate PGS, embryos are further assessed based on their chromosome compliment. Embryos with the normal number of chromosomes are more likely to result in pregnancy that is carried to term. Our rapid, accurate and confidential testing allows our patients to have fresh embryo transfers with the peace of mind that their embryos are chromosomally normal on day one of their pregnancy.

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