Getting Started

Getting Started with Fertility Testing

If you have been having trouble getting pregnant or you are just interested to know more about your fertility, we would recommend that you come into meet with the doctors to discuss your situation.

Fertility testing involves:

  • Blood pressure testing and weight check
  • A complete health history for you and your partner
  • A saline ultrasound to look at your uterus and ovaries and check patency of your tubes
  • Blood work for you and your partner (this includes an AMH, Prolactin, and thyroid panel for the female)
  • Semen analysis for your partner

Based on the results of this, the doctor would decide the best plan of care.

We offer many different fertility procedures including intrauterine insemination, invitro-fertilization, donor egg invitro-fertilization and embryo adoption. NCCRM dedicates itself to providing the best quality of care to all races and sexual orientations.

To learn more or schedule a consultation:
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