Perineoplasty repairs the area where episiotomies occur after childbirth between the vaginal canal and the anus. Muscles can become lax and loose after childbirth. Episiotomies, while correcting the initial problem, might not always heal or be done completely to help correct your underlying muscles to return to the “snug” feeling that you had pre-childbirth. Afterward, it might cause issues during more intimate times with your partner. Loose skin might cause gas like sounds that come from your vaginal area. Skin tags and scarring might also hinder your satisfaction, that is where perineoplasty can help.

The procedure will make intimacy more pleasing for you. The tightening of this area can help increase your intimate satisfaction. This procedure allows you more frictional force with intimacy and can decrease any embarrassing gas like noises that might occur when you are having sexual relations. Contact NCCRM today and ask to have an appointment with Dr. Toma. His surgical experience is renowned in the gynecological field. His surgical skills and gynecological experience has made him an expert in this field and he can help you regain your confidence and feel better about yourself.

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