Liposuction and Tubal Reversal

Liposuction and Tubal Reversal

Liposuction at NCCRM is used to aid in the optimal success of tubal reversal. Liposuction is used to remove a small channel of fat from the incision site to the uterus. This allows the tubal reversal to be done with out tugging or putting unnecessary pressure on the uterus, which aids in optimal results.  Any tugging or pulling on the uterus that can occur when there is a larger than typical fat pocket, could injure or damage the uterus and the fallopian tubes. 

Dr. Toma uses liposuction in conjunction with tubal reversal surgery for women who have excess fat at the bikini line where surgery takes place. It is not done for cosmetic purposes. If your BMI is a 29 or higher you may be required to have liposuction as a part of your Tubal Reversal procedure. 

Tubal Reversal Surgery is a very precise surgery that requires a microscope to allow better visualization while putting the fallopian tubes back together. The microscope needs to get as close to the tubes as possible to be able to get the best focus to ensure success. Removing excess fat using liposuction immediately before the tubal reversal procedure allows Dr. Toma to get the best possible view of the tubes and the very fine suture that is used to put your tubes back together.  After the extra fat is removed from the area of the incision, he is able to go in and perform the tubal reversal, by having the uterus and tubes pulled out of the incision and better exposed.

It has come to our attention that several of our competitors have been ignorantly disparaging our use of liposuction during our tubal reversal surgeries. Dr. Toma may require liposuction to reduce the thickness of the fat at the incision site allowing for better visualization and access to the tube. This allows us to do a better surgery with higher success due to better exposure with out having to fight and retract the abdominal fat that would be in the area if the liposuction was not done. Claims from competitors that the liposuction is done to reduce your total BMI are incorrect and show a lack of understanding of what liposuction with Tubal reversal is used for. Further, claims that the liposuction does not improve the results are made by individuals with a poor understanding of this procedure. The expertise that Dr. Toma has is demonstrated in thousands of successful tubal reversals in high BMI patients.

You can see the many successful tubal reversal babies born to patients of NCCRM in our Facebook feed.  

Here are a few examples of testimonials and dreams come true: 

“I had my tubes tied 12 years ago after my third child, only to meet the love of my life eight years ago and we decided to look into the tubal reversal procedure….. in March 2016 we made the choice to travel to NCCRM for my procedure…. now today we have a handsome perfectly healthy 8 month old little boy whom is completely perfect in every way thank you to the staff at NCCRM” – Ashley W.

“I give Dr. Toma and his staff 5 stars! I went in on 8/3/2020 for a TR with Lipo. I was treated with the upmost respect by everyone! The nurses and doctors calmed my anxiety and made sure my pain was tolerable before discharging me. I was given ample pain meds to get me through the first few rough days. Dr. Toma was direct and honest with me about his findings of endometriosis and the abundance of scar tissue from previous pelvic surgeries and encouraged me to rest during the healing process. I’m truly blessed to have him work on my behalf. Dr. Toma and his staff made me feel like family during this process and not just another number. I am forever grateful and look forward to the journey of TTC.” – Jacelin H.

“Great doctor my wife had a reversal don’t summer of 19 and we delivered a healthy baby boy on yesterday 5/11/2020. Thank you so much for your services.” – Kenny J.

“Dr. Toma and everyone at NCCRM are simply amazing. I had the absolute BEST nurse ever, Kelly is an absolute blessing to NCCRM. Starting tubal reversal journey seemed intimidating and confusing. Dr. Toma and his medical assistants immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in the process. He truly cares about his patients and it shows each step of the way. As soon as I walked in I was treated with a high level of care. There are no words to fully describe my experience with NCCRM. If you’re looking for the best do not look any further. I would highly recommend Dr. Toma and his wonderful staff to anyone going through fertility related issues.” – Jessica B.

“March 28, 2018 I got my reversal at nccrm the staff was friendly and very welcoming. On July 8th I got my positive I was too excited. Here I was now 5 weeks 6 days due date 3/18/2020. I’m so thankful and want to say thank you NCCRM And Dr.Toma from the bottom of my heart.” – Rosa L.

“My surgery was today and I feel fantastic. Minimum pain, TR and lipo are not so bad. Thank you Dr. Toma you are amazing. Now I can’t wait to get pregnant. Thank you to the NCCRM, very professional from the first step of this process.” – Keyla Z.

“I turned to NCCRM when my husband and I decided we wanted children of our own but I was also in a lot of pain. Come to find out I had filshie clamps that were supposed to be on my tubes without me knowing. They had migrated and were causing horrible pain and side effects. It was so hard to go on with a normal life surrounded by pain. Thanks to Dr. Toma I am no longer walking around with these foreign objects floating around in my body causing so many problems. Also we are expecting our baby in Jan. 2020. Thank you NCCRM, Thank you Dr. Toma!!!” – Ashley J.

I can’t begin to give this place enough stars! I went through 3 different fertility clinics until my OBGYN recommended this one, let me tell you that was the end of my search. I love it that the staff listens to you all the other clinics only concentrated on my age (43) and tried to talk me out of a Tubal reversal. I had some blood work done and found out that I am through the roof on my fertility and should have no issues getting pregnant this way. I was a little scared the day of surgery because it has been 20 years since my tubes were tied. (long story, didn’t really want to do it, was made to by my doctor) anyway all that aside I was so happy the whole process from payments to scheduling to after care. These people generally care about you as an individual, they checked on me so many times the day of surgery they could tell I was scared. I felt like it was 5 minutes if surgery but let me tell ya don’t underestimate a TR it will put you on your feet< LOL just listen to what they say they will get you through it all. I have a doctor’s appointment in 2 weeks to check it all out then it’s go time! I will be happy to say that NCCRM helped in this journey to become a 1st time mommy! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart *** if you are looking for fertility clinic this is the one STOP here***” – Yvonne K.

Dr. Toma and his staff were wonderful.  They kept us informed every step of the way during our tubal reversal journey.  They did not make any false promises or try to sugar coat anything. I had my tubal reversal on March 13, 2019.  Surgery went very well and the recovery staff was great.  The staff was easy to reach and continued to provide excellent customer service after the surgery.  I found out I was pregnant on May 3, 2019 and delivered a beautiful baby girl on January 9, 2020.” -Kristy S.




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