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Tubal Reversal Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your procedures cost?

  • For more detailed info and pricing on the different procedures please visit here.

Does health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid cover Tubal/Essure Reversal? 

  • Tubal Ligation Reversals, Adiana Reversals & Essure Reversal are almost never covered as they are considered an elective procedure. Once your surgery is completed, we can perform a courtesy benefits check on your behalf.  Our office does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

What is included in the $4950 tubal reversal price or $6550 essure reversal price?

  • The base price  $4950  for a tubal reversal and $6550 for the essure reversal includes the anesthesia, Tubal Reversal Surgery and a 2 week post-op visit.

Are there any other additional fee’s?

  • Consultation and Ultrasound – You will be required to have a consultation and an ultrasound with one of our doctors before your procedure. The cost is $300.
  • Pre-operative Testing – We require all patients to have a blood count performed (CBC). We recommend our patients of advanced maternal age to have an AMH test performed (ovarian reserve).  Insurance may be used.
  • Liposuction – If your BMI is a 29 or higher you may be required to have liposuction. The cost is  $1000.
  • Previous Abdominal Surgeries – Patients who have had previous abdominal surgeries (ex. C-Sections) may be subjected to an additional fee. The cost varies.
  • Medications – You will be given prescriptions for an antibiotic, narcotic, and anti-nausea medication. Insurance may be used.
  • Travel, Lodging & Food – price will vary.
  • Fibroid/Polyp Removal – price will vary and insurance can be considered.

Is a CBC required? 

  • Yes, this has to be performed at at least one week prior to surgery and should be no more than 30 days prior to the surgery.  If this blood work is not back prior to your surgery, your surgery will be cancelled and all fees forfeited.  Ideally, we recommend one test once your surgery is booked so we can see if you will need a regime of iron to help increase your levels to avoid cancelling or rescheduling your surgery and an additional test a week prior to surgery.

What if my CBC results show my iron to be low?

  • We will have you take an over the counter supplement and have you complete a 2nd CBC the week before surgery to see if the level has come up.  Your iron level must be at an 11 or higher to have surgery at NCCRM.  Once we review your results from the 2nd CBC we will make a determination on your upcoming surgery.

If I live far away or out of state who will do my pre-op visit?

  •  If you live several hours away or out of state you should arrive in our area the day before your surgery and we recommend staying at a hotel that is local to our facility. You can find those here. We will perform the consultation and ultrasound the afternoon before surgery.  If you are an in state patient within close proximity to our facility you can schedule a consultation and ultrasound at any point within 6 months of having surgery.

How long will I be expected to stay in your area when I have surgery?

  • You can expect to stay 2 nights and 3 days in our area.

Why would I need liposuction?

  •  Liposuction is performed on patients who have a BMI of 29 or higher.  Removing this extra adipose tissue before the Tubal Reversal can increase the success of repair by the doctor and improve your surgery outcome.

How does the doctor make sure my tubes are open during the surgery? 

  • A very small stent is used during surgery to ensure that your tubes are open. Your tubes are open when you leave our facility if we can repair them, but several factors can play a role on if they remain open after they heal. You can find success rates here for tubal ligation reversals (based on age and type of ligation).

Does the amount of time since I had my Tubal Ligation performed affect the outcome?

  • The amount of time your tubes have been tied does not effect your outcome, although your age does play a factor.

If my spouse or partner has never fathered any children should he have a semen analysis?

  • Although we recommend your male partner to have a semen analysis, we do not require it.  You can schedule one on the same date as your consultation and ultrasound (we would schedule this approximately an two hours ahead of your appointment) . The doctor can review  the results can be discussed at that time of your appointment.  The cost is $100.

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