Low Stimulation IVF Cycle Starts at $5900

Low Stimulation IVF Cycle Starts at $5900

Low Stimulation IVF is available only to medically qualifying patients. Eligibility will be determined after review of your medical records, and a plan of care has been determined for your fertility treatment.


All stimulation medications, cycle monitoring and management, anesthesia, retrieval, ICSI fertilization, assisted hatching, Blastocyst Culture:  Frozen Embryo Transfer and cryopreservation of two embryos.

**All outside monitoring visits are subject to that facilities financial protocol.

Over 2 Embryos: Freeze Charge $500 and will cover storage for 1 year

Frozen Cycle Medications: You will pay this directly to the pharmacy and subject to your insurance benefits

**Low Stim cycle monitoring starts from stimulation medication and ends with egg retrieval. Patient will be responsible for any co pays, coinsurance or deductible for any testing done before this time or if your cycle is cancelled by the physician.*

Low Stim Cycle costs listed on this page reflect “cash discounts” and are paid in advance.

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