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Customized IVF NC Treatment Plans at NCCRM

Every fertility journey is unique. NCCRM provides personalized NC IVF healthcare plans tailored to your needs. Recommendations of your course of treatment influence the cost of your individualized IVF Cary, NC, plan. During your in-office visit, we’ll review the financial breakdown of your custom plan with you.

Understanding IVF NC Treatments and Procedures

At NCCRM, we dedicate attention to detail through each phase of your IVF procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) fertility treatments use medications to stimulate egg development and retrieval, followed by fertilization in a laboratory dish. Upon successful embryo fertilization, your fertility Raleigh, NC, specialist transfers the embryos into the uterus or fallopian tubes.

NCCRM’s IVF Cycle Phases

Initial Phase: Follicle Stimulation

  • Ovary stimulation encourages multiple mature follicle production, increasing the chances of successful fertilization.
  • Fertility doctors in Raleigh, NC, perform ultrasound and blood tests to monitor follicle development and hormone levels, guiding medication timing and egg retrieval.

Second Phase: Egg Retrieval and Fertilization

  • Mature eggs are retrieved using ultrasound-guided needle aspiration.
  • Fertilization occurs in the laboratory, with options for standard IVF North Carolina or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) if needed.
  • We offer a “freeze all cycle” option, preserving embryos for future transfer, enhancing your IVF success rate, and reducing risks.

Third Phase: Uterine Preparation

  • After egg retrieval, we wait for the patient’s menstrual cycle to begin, then initiate a regimen of estrogen and progesterone to prepare the uterine lining for embryo transfer.

 Fourth Phase: Embryo Transfer

  • The prepared embryos are transferred into the uterus, typically a painless procedure.
  • Post-transfer, patients undergo a brief recovery period before beginning a two-week wait for pregnancy testing.

NCCRM Supports Informed Family Planning With Guidance Unique to You

Age-related fertility decline is a significant consideration for couples seeking IVF NC treatment. Advanced maternal age can impact success rates and increase the need for additional interventions such as NC egg donation options. Our team provides comprehensive support and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your fertility journey.

Explore Procedure Success Rates and Health Factors Impacting IVF Outcomes

For those seeking IVF in North Carolina, our experienced team at NCCRM is here to help. Contact us at [(919) 233-1680](tel:(919) 233-1680).

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