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Tubal Reversal Surgery Pricing

What are the fees for Tubal Reversal Surgery at NCCRM?

Tubal Surgery at NCCRM is the most affordable option for women seeking to regain fertility. Each case is different depending on the type of ligation surgery you had, but the rate schedule will give guidance as to what you may expect to pay for our services.  You can check your BMI here.


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Essure and Adiana Reversals

Cost: $7,500+

Additional Fees and Details:

– $350 – Initial Consultation and ultrasound.
– $195 – Semen analysis – this is strongly suggested for your partner, but not required.
– Any medications prescribed will require additional fees, and fees are dependent upon your insurance and the pharmacy.
– $300 –  Exparel (optional single injection pain control)

– 50% of the fees is due before scheduling your surgery and the remainder is due two weeks before surgery.
– $1,000 additional fee for liposuction if needed in order to accomplish the reversal. BMI > 35 additional fee is $1500.
– Please note there is an $810 non-refundable penalty fee for refund requests after the money has been paid to the account.
– A 50% fee is charged for cancellation of the procedure within 2 weeks of the surgery.
– No refund is given if canceled within 1 week of the surgery.
– There is a $500 fee for rescheduling the surgery after it has been booked.
– Important: You must provide your current height and weight in order for our surgeons to determine if they can perform a tubal reversal procedure on you in our surgery center. Falsifying information on these forms may result in the cancellation of your surgery and forfeiture of fees.

In addition, if our surgeons find uterine fibroids and/or uterine polyps, they will remove them because they can interfere with pregnancy.  Not removing these non-cancerous growths can reduce your chances of a successful tubal reversal surgery and future chances of a successful pregnancy.  Because either of these cases are gynecologic issues, most health insurance plans will cover the cost of the removal unless the patient has not met her deductible.   Patients with no insurance would be expected to pay for the procedure out of pocket.

DefinitionMicrosurgical repair/reversal of a tubal sterilization

Overall Success RateCan be up to 75% for the first year. The success rate drops to 30% if the woman is 40 or older. Pregnancy rates will correlate with the final length of the tube after anastomosis/reversal. Click here to see success rates at NCCRM.

Sterilization causing minimal damage to the tube is most likely to be
successfully reversed. Patient needs to bring all past records, especially pathology reports and operative note from sterilization.

Tubal Reversal length of surgery: 1 1/2 hours; up to 3 hours for Essure and Adiana reversals
Anesthesia: General
Risks: Minimal
Hospital Stay: Outpatient
Postop pain management: Oral medication

Doctor: Sameh K. Toma, M.D.

Note: In some cases, tubal reversal must be performed in the
hospital. The fee will be quoted. A breakdown of the charges is available on request.

Check List:  Submit these forms which consist of the following:

  • Consult Appointment
  • Past Records
  • Operative Reports
  • Pathology Reports from your sterilization
  • Semen Analysis (recommended but not required)

Click here to watch a video of Tubal Reversal Surgery at NCCRM.

Click here to learn more about Loan Programs to assist you in paying for your tubal reversal surgery.

Essure or Adiana Removal

Fee: $5,050 plus a $350 Consultation and Ultrasound Fee (Please call 919-233-1680 ext. 180 for more information.)
If you are wanting to restore your fertility after removing the Essure coils, the fee is $7500. The $5,400 fee is only for the removal of the Essure coils. ** Please note, the upper limit BMI to qualify for surgery at any out patient surgery center is 38. You can find out your BMI here.

For some women, they carry excess weight around their bikini area that makes it difficult for the surgeons to access the area they need to operate. In that case, our surgeons may perform liposuction on that bikini area immediately before the Essure removal surgery. If liposuction is deemed necessary, there will be an additional $1,000 or $1,500 for BMI > 35 additional fee in order to accomplish the Essure removal.

To learn more or schedule a consultation:
Call (919) 233-1680 x 180 or

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