Bladder Tack Surgery for Stress Incontinence

Bladder Tack Surgery for Stress Incontinence

bladder incontinence

After childbirth, menopause and some surgeries, women can have urine leakage from something as routine as a sneeze, laugh or a cough.  The muscles have begun to lose their tone at the pelvic floor. This causes an issue known as “stress incontinence”.

For women suffering from this issue, a bladder tack can help. This outpatient surgery uses either your own tissues or surgical sutures to allow the bladder to set in a type of sling. This sling maintains the bladder in the correct position and alleviates the issues of incontinence.
To see if this procedure will benefit you, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our physicians. They can assist you in diagnosing and treating your incontinence issues.

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