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Read testimonials here and below from our patients.

“NCCRM’s doctors, nurses, and staff were so wonderful to me and my husband. Their expertise and patience is just what we needed while trying to conceive. Thank you again for everything and for making our dreams come true with two healthy and beautiful children. We will always be grateful.”
Posted By: Steve and Donna

Dr. Toma and his staff are amazing!! They made me aware of everything every step of the way. After years of trying to conceive, I’m 4 months pregnant. Dr. Toma’s hands are blessed by God!! Nurse Carla held my hand the entire way through. I love them and can’t wait to begin my final IVF transfer.
Posted By: Regina

“We can never thank you enough for helping give us a miracle we never thought we would receive. We are so excited to introduce our little boy who was conceived with NCCRM’s talented and compassionate staff. You walked us through every step of the process, you held our hands, wiped our tears at times and celebrated when we got that precious positive beta test. Here’s to your motto….delivering dreams, one baby at a time. Kudos to you NCCRM. “
Posted By: Sharon and Mike

“I can’t thank NCCRM enough for our little miracle, Alyssa Nicole. She was born March 29th and weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. After being diagnosed and having surgeries for severe endometriosis exactly one year ago, we turned to IVF and couldn’t have been happier with our experience at NCCRM. Thanks to the staff there. “
Posted By: Kari A.

“We struggled with infertility for about 4 years before we turned to NCCRM. We began our ‘journey’ March 30th. On August 14th, our IVF treatments were complete. Nine days ago – April 20th, we welcomed our TWO little ones – Ian and Lily. Obviously our IVF was a job well done – Lily was 6 lbs, 9 oz, 19 inches. …Ian was 8 lbs even and 21 inches. We are so excited to double our family!! “
Posted By: Naomi B.

“Thank you Dr. Toma and staff for the wonderful treatment. The outcome was a complete success!!! After a tubal reversal I was able to get pregnant within two months. I had my blood levels checked and it was high enough to rule out an Ectopic pregnancy and I just had an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy is in the uterus. Thanks again!”
Posted by: Anita M.

“We traveled all the way from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to have a tubal reversal by Dr. Toma. The surgery was performed on February 23….on March 21st we Got a BIG FAT POSITIVE, just had an ultrasound and everything is good the baby is due in November! Thanks to doctor Toma and the staff at NCCRM this was a great experience, he truly is a miracle worker!”
Posted by: Abby S.

“My husband and I appreciate the whole staff’s compassion to make our appointment/surgery a great experience for us. We traveled a long way to have this done and was very pleased with Dr. Toma and his staff! Now we are anxiously waiting for a positive test. Wish us luck!”
Posted By: R.S. Minneapolis

“I had my Tubal Reversal on February 2nd and now on August 12th I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I’m so happy I picked NCCRM because in less then 4 months I was pregnant. “
Posted By: Tabitha J.

“I had my tubal reversal on January 16. Today is February 5 and I have very tender/tingly breast, nausea & vomiting, sensitivity to smells (Chinese Food) and I am so tired all the time! I am super excited because these are all sure signs of being pregnant for me. Of course it’s too early to get “true” results from a home pregnancy test, so I’ll wait a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be coming back saying, “I’m PREGNANT”!!!! Also, I want to say that I am so in love with the staff at NCCRM. I have to give personal shout outs to Ms. Brenda, (I love you Ms. Brenda), Nurse Gail and Dr. Toma! Man, you guys make an awesome team! Thank you, Thank you, Thanks you!!!!”
Posted By: M.L. Raleigh NC

“I decided to have my tubes tied after baby number 3. Never thought I would go thru a divorce and then remarry. So, 13 years after my tubes were tied I had them reversed because my husband (who has no children) and I wanted a child of our own. As of today, I am 5 weeks pregnant. It took only 3 months to get pregnant after NCCRM performed my TR. They are miracle workers, not to mention that this is the most precious Christmas gift for our family. So far my blood work has been climbing and my Dr is pleased with where things are going with my early pregnancy.”
Posted By: H.K.

“My surgery was in July. I was pregnant in September but had a miscarriage. It is now December and my Christmas present is that I’m pregnant again. Thank you guys for helping to make this possible!!!!!! All the staff I have dealt with have been friendly and understanding as well as supportive!!!!!!!!”
Posted By: Desiree I.

“Dear Dr. Toma, We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you did to help our dream come true. Michael is now 6 weeks old and he’s the joy of our life. Without you, we wouldn’t have our son. There are no words to express our gratitude. We hope you and your family have a happy holiday.”
Posted By: Amy and Carl W

“As we celebrate our first Christmas with our precious little girl, we can’t help but be thankful for Dr. Toma and everyone at NCCRM who helped our dream become a reality. It’s definitely our best Christmas ever! “
Posted By: Amy and Travis S

“We are so thankful to NCCRM and Dr. Toma for our wonderful and most precious little angel! “
Posted By: Amy T

“I want to thank NCCRM and their wonderful staff. I had my tubal reversal on November 1st and just found out hubby and I are expecting! (December) I had so many fears that I wouldn’t become pregnant due to my tubes being tied for 19 years but NCCRM made that happen and has fulfilled a loss for my husband and I! Thank You again and you have touched our lives!!”
Posted By: Cindy K.

“I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and the baby doing great. Thank you NCCRM. I had my Tubal Reversal on Feb 8 and it only took 4 months to get prego. Thank you – I will keep everyone updated.”
Posted By: Tabitha J.

“Yes, we are expecting in May. We had a tubal reversal in February and it’s been 6 months and we are going to have our new baby. Thank you, NCCRM”
Posted By: Denise B.

“I’m so glad that I came across this website! I initially scheduled the procedure in Mexico for a much lower price, but after a lot of research, we decided that price wasn’t what should determine us getting this done and I continued to search online for an affordable doctor and a safe one. Thankfully, we found here. I’m scheduling for November…and hoping next year to be a mommy again after 15 years!!! I look forward to working with everyone there.”
Posted By: Shannon C. Mommy of 3, Mesa, AZ

“I live in Newton NC and had a Tubal Reversal on June 1. I just want to thank NCCRM and all the staff for all the help and support they have been giving us from the first day.  I never thought after having my tubes tied for 8 years I would have a chance to be a Mommy again….”
Posted By: M.W.

“Thanks to Dr.Toma and his wonderful staff for giving us a chance to have another baby. We traveled from Tennessee with a lot of hopes and when we got to NCCRM, we knew that GOD gave Dr.Toma those magical hands to help our dreams come true. I feel so proud to say that my reversal was done with you guys, the best team and the most compassionate. Hugs! Margie & Mario”
Posted By: Margerie

“I had the reversal done at NCCRM. We have a daughter Laya and our son is due July 29th. Special thanks to Dr. Toma and receptionist Ms. Brenda. Wish we were there for this delivery but I will have to post pictures instead!”
Posted By: Greta

“I had a tubal reversal after 14 years. I had my reversal October, and I am expecting my bundle of joy around February 3, a little over a year later. I was surprised to conceive so quickly being that my tubes were tied 14 years ago. It only took 6 months after reversal. NCCRM and staff did an excellent job.”
Posted By: Angela

“I just would like to say thank you so much. I had my tubes reversed because I knew some day I would like to have more kids. I’m 34 now and Dr. Toma at NCCRM helped me after hearing lots of rejection from other doctors. It was not a long process of having my tubes reversed. I didn’t need to take any fertility drugs at all. I had my surgery done in August and got pregnant in October. Kyla is now 4 months old. I’ve never been so happy – thank you again.”
Posted By: Jeanetta

“Our perfect little boy Joel Oda Teague, was born January 16. We want to thank you Dr. Toma, Tobi and your staff for all your help in making our dream, of having a child, come true.”
Posted By: David and Julia

“I want to thank NCCRM for the opportunity to get my tubes reversed and for all his staff that were really nice before and after surgery. I will keep everyone updated for any good news in the future. Thanks again, NCCRM “
Posted By: Carlin C.

“Since I was 14 years old, I have had severe pain in my pelvic area. The first doctor I saw put me through test after test, finally reaching the decision that the pain was caused by an ovarian cyst and that I needed to have surgery immediately. My father called Dr. Toma that same week to ask him for his expert opinion. Dr. Toma instantly suggested I had another MRI and told us to wait for those results before doing anything. We received the results the day before I was scheduled for surgery, Dr. Toma told us that I did not need to have surgery to remove the cyst and most definitely did not need to have my ovary removed.
Then when I was 19 year old, after seeing two different doctors and trying various medicines to control the pain, my doctor told me I had endometriosis. He said in order for me to have the pelvic pain completely go away, I would need to have surgery. Once again we called Dr. Toma to see what he thought. After filling him in, Dr. Toma immediately scheduled an appointment to see me that same week. In that appointment Dr. Toma told us what no other doctor had told me before. He said, “We are going to try every option possible before surgery; surgery is a last result for any patient, but especially for someone as young as you. We are not even close to needing surgery.”From that day forward Dr. Toma has been my one and only doctor. He has followed through on everything he told me that day. I have been on the same medicine for almost two years and it has completely eliminated the pain I was having daily. He has not only saved me from having potentially life changing surgeries twice and he was able to find a solution that works for me. Another reason Dr. Toma is that best in his field is because of how much he truly cares for each of his patients.”
Posted by: Mary L.

“I would like to thank Dr. Toma and all the amazing nurses there. My experience was awesome. I first did IVF at another fertility center with no luck and decided to switch to NCCRM. The staff at the other center was rude and not really considerate of the cost to patients mentally. Dr. Toma ran extra tests on me and found a polyp in my uterus. He perform surgery, then we went on with IVF. I now have 4 month old triplets am so happy to finally b a mom. Just love everyone there. Thanks again. “
Posted By: efia s.

“I would like to thank Dr. Toma and all the sweet, compassionate staff at NCCRM. We had a tubal reversal on April 1,2010. We tried the clomid for 2 months but stopped because we wanted to try and relax and just trust things will happen. Well, they did 🙂 We just found out we are pregnant. We are due Jan 17! thank you so much Dr Toma and staff!! we will keep ya’ll updated but hormones are increasing and all seems great 🙂 “
Posted By: Jolene H.

“I would like to thank the staff at NCCRM for all their love and care. I received my tubal reversal in November and found out just 6 months later that I am 6 weeks pregnant. Dr. Toma was great and I’m so glad that I found NCCRM. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have more kids and can’t. Lots of Love. -Collin and Heidi 
Posted By: Heidi L.

“I would like to thank the NCCRM staff for treating me great before and after my tubal reversal surgery on March 29. Post op, I was in no pain and they even made sure I didn’t get nauseated afterwards by prescribing something for me. I was back to work in 5 days. I am so glad I found NCCRM. Ebony “
Posted By: Ebony L

“I am so happy to say my son is 14 months old today thanks to Dr. Toma and the awesome staff at NCCRM and triangle OBGYN! My husband had tried for 6 years to have a baby and ended up having 4 miscarriages, after they helped us get pregnant again they did everything medical possible to make sure we stayed that way! My son is perfect healthy and happy! Thanks with all our hearts NCCRM! “
Posted By: jaime baber

“I just wanted to let the staff at NCCRM know that I really appreciate everything. Every time I called and had questions, the staff was wonderful with getting me to someone. And April was great, I had to re-schedule my surgery due to the storm that came through our city and she really worked with me. Thank you so much. When I arrived for my surgery, I was a little nervous and the staff talked to me through the full process, making me feel comfortable. I really appreciate it…..you guys are great!!! And I will be keeping in touch!!!! Thank you, Venita “
Posted By: Venita B.

“Thank you so much Dr. Toma for all he has done for me. I must say he is an excellent doctor. I had my surgery on Jan 21 & I’m back to work as of Jan 24th, pain free. Special thanks to April & Brenda, you girls are so sweet & humble. “
Posted By: Barbara C.

“Dear Dr. Toma, Two years ago our first miracle was born thanks to you and your team. Faith has been the sunshine in our lives. This past April, Ryleigh became a big sister to our second miracle, Abigail. Thank you for everything you did to bring our miracles to us. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year. “
Posted By: Jonathon and Amy G

“Yes, we are expecting in May. We had a tubal reversal in February and it’s been 6 months and we are going to have our new baby. Thank you, NCCRM. “
Posted By: Denise B.

“My daughter and I can never fully express our gratitude or repay the kindness the MD’s at NCCRM have shown to us. Because of them, my daughter will hopefully be able to be a mother someday. She has battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for over 2 years – she is doing great now and will head to law school next month. These guys are the best!! “
Posted By: Linda G.

“Dear Dr. Toma and everyone at NCCRM, Words cannot express our gratitude toward you all for helping us achieve a dream we had worked 4 years to achieve (only one year since I first saw Dr. Toma). Every time I hear a radio commercial of yours I tear up as I reflect upon our journey. We have a huge sign on one of our walls that says hope that we carried with us through three moves. Hope is what you all helped us embrace as you show a sincere understanding of the elements of infertility, particularly the emotional piece. Ms. Brenda is a jewel and makes one feel like family all those countless mornings. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our two healthy baby girls. Carmen and Ben “
Posted By: Carmen and Ben B.

“Our children, although no longer babies, are here thanks to NCCRM. Our twins were full term, healthy and so very welcomed into our home. I was 47 when I gave birth, now at 57, and the mother of Jacqueline and Carston. We are still as in awe as the moment they were born. We had them later in life (Craig is 58 now) but never a moment of regret…just joy! Thank you NCCRM for our blessings! “
Posted By: Mary M.

“I decided to have my tubes tied in 1994 after having 2 kids. Then I remarried in 2000. I really wanted to have a child with my husband. In October I had my tubal reversal at NCCRM. I wasn’t sure if it would work since my tubes had been tied for so many years. Six months after the reversal I was pregnant. In January I had a baby boy that weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces. I can never thank the NCCRM staff enough. Thank you so much for my little blessing. “
Posted By: Angela G.

“Our precious gift is here, Wyatt. He arrived at 34 4/7 and weighed 4 lbs 6 oz, but is a healthy, happy 5 week old. We can’t say enough good things about NCCRM and all the staff there! “
Posted By: Allison D.

“Our little miracle thanks to NCCRM. Faith born March 13. 8lb 14oz 22in. After 5 years of trying and 3 years of fertility treatment, God led us to NCCRM. The staff there is amazing!! “
Posted By: Jessica G.

“Grateful to Dr. Toma and NCCRM for helping to end my long struggle with infertility!! I am a happy mother of 2!! “
Posted By: Nikki E.

“I remember hearing my oldest brother tell my mother once, that he thought all people were inherently bad. This question of what people really are is a question I’d always asked myself. However, my answer came in a most unexpected way. My mother woke me up one lazy summer morning, shortly before I was due to leave home to attend college at BYU-Hawaii. I was dreaming when I heard her voice tell me to get up. However, her voice sounded strange and, as I sat up, still only half conscious, I figured it was the sleep that was making me hear things. I walked out into the hall and to the laundry room door. As I leaned against the door frame, my mother turned towards me from where she was standing, ironing clothes. I could see that her eyes were watering and as I opened my arms towards her, she came to me, accepting my hug, and started to cry. She began to tell me about my older sister, Kari. Last February, Kari was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had to undergo four months of chemotherapy before being told that she was in remission. However, in July, our family was given the unfortunate news that she had relapsed. So my mother was frantically looking for the best hospitals and the newest, cutting edge treatments for my sister. With all the doctors, the negative survival ratios, and the stress on starting treatment as soon as possible, my mother was, understandably, overwhelmed and stressed out. As my mother explained about Kari’s new treatment, she made it clear that this second round of chemotherapy would destroy my sister’s reproductive system, making it impossible to have children. However, she also told me that there was one surgical procedure that could be done to preserve one of Kari’s ovaries. With tears falling down her cheeks, my mother went on to tell me that the hospital that specialized in that particular procedure wanted twenty-five thousand dollars up front and with no guarantee that the surgery would be a success and that there was no way that our family could afford to pay that kind of money out of pocket. “We don’t know where we’re going to have to spend our money yet, because we don’t know what the insurance company will or will not pay for,” my mother said. Upon finding this out, Kari had apparently insisted that she be allowed to have the procedure done despite the costs. At this point, my mom was crying in my arms and I had no idea what to do or say that would help. I knew she was frustrated and that she felt utterly helpless to help her fatally ill child in her time of need. My mother finally regained control and managed to stop crying before going back downstairs to make some more medical calls. I went back into my room, intending to get dressed and shower before starting my day. However, upon entering my bedroom, I felt this overwhelming urge to pray. So I knelt down by the side of my bed and I asked God to please help my sister and my mother. I asked him to please help my mom find a way to pay for the surgery. I knew I was asking for a miracle, and, never having been a real conversationalist with God, I doubted prayer would get me anywhere. Yet, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. As I finished my prayer, the phone rang downstairs. From my room, I could hear my mom talking in excited tones and I went over to the hallway balcony to look down and see what was going on. After hanging up, my mom looked up at me with happy tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. “That was a doctor that I work with at Wake Med sometimes. He’s the head doctor of the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine and he just offered to do your sister’s surgery for free.” I believe in charity and miracles. I believe that people are all inherently good at heart. I believe in the power of prayer and the kind hand of God. It’s not often in our daily lives that we get the chance to see a miracle of such a magnitude happen. However, there are little miracles that happen every day. The miracle of birth and the complex structure to our world’s biological make-up are often overlooked on a daily basis. I believe that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. I believe that we are all connected to each other and that as we go about our daily lives, we affect the lives of those around us as well. I believe that every act has its own purpose, even if we don’t know what that purpose is at the time. This I believe. “
Posted By: Sara G.

“When I was seventeen, I was told that I would not be able to carry a child due to lack of a uterus. However, I was also told that I have ovaries and that one day I could achieve motherhood via adoption or surrogacy. In June, my husband, sister in law, and I came into Dr. Toma’s office ready to make that dream come true via gestational surrogacy. Thanks to Dr. Toma’s incredible capabilities and knowledge, we were able to achieve pregnancy on September 14. We were ecstatic because we achieved pregnancy with the very first embryo transfer. As a result of that transfer, our surrogate, my sister in law, gave birth to two precious, beautiful miracle baby girls who were born on April 10. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for NCCRM and Dr. Toma to assist in making our dreams come true! “
Posted By: Amanda E.

“Dr. Toma & Staff, After three years, five doctors and two surgeries, I am finally pregnant, thanks to you. In November, my husband and I were told that due to severe endometriosis, we would not be able to conceive on our own. We turned to Dr. Toma for help. He performed a surgery in December which allowed us to get pregnant. I am pleased to tell you that I am currently five month pregnant with our first little miracle! Words cannot even express our appreciation. Your office is wonderful. Thank you so much for your care, honesty, empathy and knowledge. This experience has been difficult but you gave us a happy ending. Forever grateful, Gretchen and Ryan “
Posted By: Gretchen and Ryan

“After struggling with infertility for 3 years, my wife and I decided that we needed help. What we found at NCCRM was so much more than that. At a time when we felt powerless against problems that neither of us anticipated, the doctors and staff let us know we were not alone, and helped to give us confidence that things could change. While the doctors were very specific about what course of action could work for us, they always considered our input and let us make decisions together. This level of empowerment was something that we hadn’t felt for a long time, and it restored the hope we were starting to lose. Thanks to the crew at NCCRM, our babies Fiona and Declan were born on October 17th. A special thank you to the Doctor who made it a point to deliver our babies on his night off (even as his Red Sox were in the playoffs)! We thank God every day for them, and for the people that helped bring them to us… ”
Posted By: Brian and Kerri

“Imagine interviewing for the same job every month that you know for certain you are the best person for this position, and you get told ‘no’ every month for over a year. That is how it feels when a couple is trying to conceive. And it is how my husband, Rob, and I felt like for almost two years before we were successful in conceiving our daughter Sophia. For the first year of trying to have a child, we had a good experience at my regular OB/GYN office, but eventually we realized that we needed a little extra help. When we first sat in the lobby at NCCRM, we both looked at each other and thought, “This is so surreal. We can’t really be THAT couple who needs fertility treatments.” Then our names were called to go back and we met Dr. Toma. I think I was still in denial and a little frightened for the first three minutes of the consultation. I finally gave in and absorbed what he was telling us. For the first time in over a year, we were actually excited again about trying to conceive a child. Not only did Dr. Toma give us HOPE, but he gave us plan for the next six months. Well, for Rob’s and my Type A personalities, that was exactly what we needed. It was nice to hear there were options and that a lot of the decision making was up to us. Our process involved 3 IUI’s which were unsuccessful and then one round of IVF. After having 3 embryos transferred, and nothing left to freeze, we conceived our daughter Sophia on Mother’s Day. Since the issue of conceiving was due to PCOS, which is not typically corrected with giving birth, we planned on going through another IVF cycle when Sophia would be a year old. We did not prevent anything after Sophia was born so 13 months later, I delivered a little boy Ryan who was conceived spontaneously. Rob and I feel so blessed and so fortunate to have two little miracles, each in their own way. The ENTIRE staff at NCCRM always made me feel like I was the only patient in the office when I was there. They showed more compassion and knowledge than any other doctor’s office I know. It was so comforting to feel like they wanted us to have a baby as much Rob and I wanted one; sometimes I think the staff wanted it more! Thank you so much NCCRM for a wonderful experience. When I think back at the process of creating Sophia, I do not have one negative thought. Keep up the great work! “
Posted By: Lori and Rob

“I had my tubal reversal at NCCRM. Yesterday was my post op visit with my physician here in my home town. He said everything looked great! I had a wonderful experience at NCCRM. Dr. Toma and staff were exceptionally nice. Dr. Toma explained everything thoroughly to me and made sure that I understood the process and the possible outcomes. I had read some negative reviews online prior to going but I knew that a lot of times it’s only the few % that have a bad thought that comment and the people who have a great experience and are satisfied don’t think to leave a review. If you are undecided about where to get your surgery; here is the place! I highly recommend NCCRM. Also, if you are coming from out of town there is a hotel literally in walking distance beside the facility. I walked to my pre-op appointment! Thank you NCCRM!!!”
Posted by: Karen A.

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