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Injectable Medication and Fertility Drugs

Gonadotropins and Menotropins are injectable fertility drugs.  Some of the more common ones are Follistim, Gonal-F and Menopur. Gonadotropins are the traditional therapy for fertility patients. The dose is based on the weight and previous response, remembering that these patients are especially prone to hyperstimulation. Patients on gonadatropins are very closely monitored at NCCRM with ultrasound and estrogen levels, sometimes daily. The close monitoring allows for adjusting of the dosage and determining the best time to trigger ovulation.

NCCRM’s experienced nursing staff instructs patients and their partners on how to administer the medications over the course of a cycle.  Daily instructions are given in a timely manner with a team work approach to achieve the best results.

You can find more educational videos on the different medicines here.

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