Liposuction and Tubal Reversal Surgery

Liposuction and Tubal Reversal Surgery

Liposuction in Conjunction with Tubal Reversal Surgery at NCCRM

Dr. Toma has come up with an innovative process using liposuction on women that are slightly more heavy in the lower abdomen and restricts them from either getting a tubal reversal or requires that they have a much larger incision, thus increasing their chances of infection and increasing the risk of becoming an inpatient at the hospital. Typically, liposuction is done as a cosmetic procedure for people looking to reshape there figure–but in this situation it is used to help increase your chance of pregnancy in ladies with a slightly elevated BMI.

Dr. Toma uses liposuction in conjunction with tubal reversal surgery for women who have excess fat at the bikini line where surgery takes place. It is not done for cosmetic purposes. Tubal Reversal Surgery is a very precise surgery that requires a microscope to place your tubes back together. The microscope needs to get as close to the tubes as possible to be able to get the best focus to ensure success. Removing excess fat using liposuction immediately before the tubal reversal procedure allows Dr. Toma to get the best possible view of the tubes and the very fine suture that is used to put your tubes back together.  After the extra fat is removed from the area of the incision, he is able to go in and perform the tubal reversal.

Dr. Toma can determine whether you would need liposuction in conjunction with tubal ligation reversal at your consultation. For out of town patients, you can send a photograph of your midsection, just below bikini line to see if surgery is possible with or without liposuction.

A firm compression garment is required to be worn at all times for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

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