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Fallopian Tube Anatomy

fallopian tubes
The fallopian tube is a muscular organ extending from the uterus and ending next to the ovary. The tube is attached to the ovary by a small ligament. The inner tubal lining is rich in cilia. These are microscopic hair-like projections that beat in waves that help move the egg or ovum to the uterus in conjunction with muscular contractions of the tube.The fallopian tube is normally about 10 cm (4 inches) long and consists of several segments. Starting from the uterus and proceeding outward, these are the:

  • Interstitial segment – extends from the uterine cavity through the uterine muscle
  • Isthmic segment – narrow muscular portion adjacent to the uterus
  • Ampullary segment – wider and longer middle part of the tube
  • Infundibular segment – funnel shaped segment next to the fimbrial end
  • Fimbrial segment – wide opening at the end of the tube facing the ovary

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