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Articles from September, 2010

Bridge to the Future of Reproductive Medicine

A new UCLA study has conducted research and has found evidence that human ovulation — a state once thought to be undetectable without medical equipment — actually prompts a range of subtle but observable behaviors aimed at attracting the best possible mate. The authors show for the first time that women unconsciously change their voices…. read more

Expert Warns Size Zero Trend Can Cause Infertility

Many people have considered adoption as a way to build their families. Whether you’ve exhausted your fertility treatments or you want to open your heart to raising a child that’s not biologically yours, there are some options you may not have thought about. In general, traditional adoption can cost anywhere from $5000 to $40,000, or…. read more

Now Taking Applications Fertility Grants

NCCRM formed the the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation in 2008 to help couples who need financial assistance grow their families. This non-profit organization will help people of various circumstances afford fertility treatments that are not covered by health insurance. This foundation has helped 20 couples deliver 28 babies. Those babies would not be here…. read more

Former NCCRM Patients in the News

ABC 11 Eyewitness News Features New Non-Profit A Raleigh couple who conceived their daughter at the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) were featured in a television news story on February 3, 2009 on WTVD-TV; ABC 11 Eyewitness News in Raleigh/Durham. Lori and Rob Moscato helped create the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation and…. read more

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