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Articles from June, 2018

Five Myths About Infertility

A recent Washington Post article has shared five myths about infertility. The article looks at common misconceptions about infertility and different peoples beliefs about infertility as a whole. The more common misconceptions include that women are the primary reason for infertility, stress causes infertility and who should initiate the infertility discussion. Interested in reading more…. read more

Diet sodas, Artificial Sweeteners– are they hurting your fertility?

  Does your intake of artificial sweeteners hurt your fertility? According to an article from Natural News, a study performed in Brazil had tested the eggs of 524 women that were undergoing IVF, there were more cell abnormalities noted in those women that were using the artificial sweeteners than those that didn’t use artificial sweeteners.…. read more

Smoking and Fertility

Trying to conceive? Well, all you smokers should be aware that smoking that cigarette is going to greatly decrease your chances of pregnancy. Smoking not only has the detrimental effects that you hear about all the time, like cancer, emphysema, and COPD; but it also has a huge effect on your reproductive system. The nicotine…. read more

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