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Articles from February, 2011

Two moms deliver a single set of twins

I remember hearing my oldest brother tell my mother once, that he thought all people were inherently bad. This question of what people really are is a question I’d always asked myself. However, my answer came in a most unexpected way. My mother woke me up one lazy summer morning, shortly before I was due…. read more

Two Mothers Who Delivered One Set of Twins on GMA

Stem cell advance spares embryos

CARY, N.C., July 20 /PRNewswire/ — Kathy and Ray Payne shared their amazing story with the world as they recounted their challenging journey to become parents. On Thursday, July 20th, the Paynes and their newborn twins, Connor and Cameron, sat beside their surrogate during an interview with Bill Ritter on Good Morning America. This unique…. read more

Effects of drinking tap water on fetus

Gentlemen, here’s one more reason to stay slim: Packing on extra pounds may increase the risk of male infertility, a new study says. The preliminary research, conducted at a federal institute in Research Triangle Park, finds that the heavier one group of men became, the greater their chances of fertility woes. That’s sobering news in…. read more

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