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Understanding Ectopic Pregnancies

An ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg attaches to a woman’s fallopian tube, abdominal cavity, or cervix instead of the uterus. While a pregnancy test may reveal a woman is pregnant, a fertilized egg cannot properly grow anywhere other than the uterus. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), ectopic pregnancies occur…. read more

Testing for Causes of Recurrent Miscarriages

Experiencing recurrent miscarriages or stillbirth can really take a toll on a couple who wants to have a baby, especially if it happens two or three times in a row. Most women want to know why it has happened and whether they could have done anything to prevent it from happening. Luckily there are a…. read more

“Why Am I Not Able To Get Pregnant?”

NCCRM infertility center Cary understands how tough it can be on you and your partner to continue trying to conceive with no luck. Sometimes infertility can have symptoms like irregular periods or severe menstrual cramps, but in other cases, the causes of infertility are silent with no symptoms, especially in men. Here are a few…. read more

Increase Your Fertility By Breaking These Bad Habits

Lifestyle choices in men and women play a huge role when trying to conceive. It is vital that you and your partner maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve the maximal chance of successfully making a baby. There are several bad habits that are frowned upon because they can be damaging to your fertility as they…. read more

The struggle to conceive can be daunting….

Read more to find out what motherhood feels like after one woman’s struggle of conceiving.  Link  


Asian Egg Donors Body Mass Index Considerations Compression Garment After Surgery Contact Us Thank You Egg Donation Clinic Egg Donor Compensation Essure Removal Financial Options Financial Grants IVF Discounted Cycles IVF Fertility Preservation Multip IVF Pricing IVF with Donor Eggs Pricing IVF with Known Donor Pricing IVF with Surrogate Pricing Loan Programs Shared Risk Refund…. read more

New Gestational Surrogacy Group

              NCCRM has started a Gestational Surrogacy Group for women interested in carrying a child for another couple.  This group also serves as resource for couples seeking to meet gestational surrogates. If you are interested in joining this group, click here to go to the group’s page on Facebook. …. read more

Tax Deductions May Help Ease the Cost of Fertility Treatment

For many couples with infertility, the cost of fertility treatment can make their dreams of parenthood seem out of reach. At NCCRM, we want all our patients to feel confident about their ability to grow their families, regardless of their financial situation or insurance coverage. That’s why we offer our patients access to as many…. read more

Creating A Financial Plan for Fertility Treatment

By Gary A. Howard, JD, a Certified Financial Planner, Why do we need a financial plan? Just as a map helps you find your way on a trip, a financial plan is a roadmap that can help you stay on course to reach your financial goals. A sound financial plan is a comprehensive outline that…. read more

Infertility Medications and Their Uses

If you have had trouble becoming pregnant you are not alone. It is estimated that 10-15% of couples in the United States are infertile.  The inability to become pregnant and/or remain pregnant until successful delivery may depend on one or more of various factors. The issue causing the infertility may be attributed to the male,…. read more

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