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Articles from April, 2021

Ways To Track Ovulation When Trying To Conceive

If you are undergoing IVF at an infertility center Cary, then tracking your ovulation cycle can help you conceive more efficiently. Your ovulation cycle is the period during which your uterus releases its ovum. This ovum, more commonly known as the egg, waits for a sperm cell. When it successfully interacts with a sperm cell,…. read more

PGD And PGS Genetic Screening Before IVF

When couples visit our IVF Raleigh treatment center for in vitro fertilization, they are hopeful about conceiving a baby. Undergoing IVF treatment is lengthy and expensive, so it’s only natural that couples want to reduce the chance of passing on genetic issues to their offspring. Using IVF tests like PGD and PGS, embryologists and fertility…. read more

Painful Sex And Infertility

If you experience pain during sexual intercourse, then getting pregnant may become a challenge for you. Painful sex can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are related to the body, such as endometriosis or ovarian cysts. Other reasons can include vaginal dryness, adhesions, and more. Painful sex is a deterrent…. read more

Is Ovulation Pain Normal?

Experiencing pain during your periods isn’t uncommon at all. Nearly one is every five women experience some degree of ovulation pain. However, the degree to which different women experience this pain can vary. Some women don’t feel any pain during their menstrual cycle, while other women experience painful periods alongside cramps. While the pain usually…. read more

Genetic Karyotyping For Infertility

Genetic karyotyping is often recommended for couples who have faced issues with childbirth and conception. Couples opting to undergo assisted reproductive technology treatments such as IVF are also expected to undergo genetic karyotyping. If you and your partner are considering undergoing an IVF Raleigh treatment, then NCCRM, infertility center Raleigh, will recommend genetic karyotyping before…. read more

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