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Articles from November, 2010

Living for Two

Lehman and Shanelle Best listened to soothing classical music as they anxiously drove from North Raleigh to the infertility clinic in Cary. They sat quietly in a love seat at the N.C. Center for Reproductive Medicine, waiting for a nurse to call their names. They came to Dr. Sameh Toma to get help them pregnant. They’ve been…. read more

Article: Folic Acid May Prevent Premature Births

Donna, a Western Lowland gorilla at the North Carolina Zoo, had two large lesions removed from her uterus. Dr. Gerald Mulvaney, director of the Greensboro office of the N.C. Center for Reproductive Medicine, helped in the surgery. When Donna , a female gorilla at the North Carolina Zoo, developed severe bleeding in her reproductive tract,…. read more

The Curious Lives of Surrogates

Whether you conceive naturally or with the assistance of reproductive technology, you want to do everything possible to ensure the normal development and success of your pregnancy. Women who’ve undergone fertility treatment are often more conscious of the things that can go wrong with what was so difficult to achieve in the first place. Many…. read more

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