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Articles from February, 2019

Why isn’t a tubal ligation reversal a 100% effective?

While we wish we could reverse everyone’s tubal ligation and it would be 100% effective, it just isn’t possible. There are so many variables that come into play when getting your tubal ligation reversal. First and foremost, age is always a factor. Even though it was super easy to get pregnant at 22, it isn’t…. read more

Fertility Grants offered- deadline is 2/13/19

Are you trying to get pregnant through IVF and need financial help? Fertility IQ is granting 10 lucky couples grants, but you have to follow these steps: How To Be Eligible: Share a thoughtful review of your NCCRM fertility doctor here before end of the day February 13th If you’ve already written a review & sent in a verification (to, you’re…. read more

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