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Articles from March, 2020

Coping with Fertility Forum Drama

Fertility forums are commonly utilized as a safe place for men and women who are currently experiencing or have previously experienced the emotional and physical challenges presented during a fertility journey. The purpose of the online forum community is to serve as a large support group for one another. Individuals will find themselves cheering and…. read more

Signs You May Have a Fertility Problem

There are a few possible warning signs of infertility. While many couples will not experience signs or symptoms, if you do experience any, you should talk to your doctor right away. Your doctor will diagnose you as being infertile after a year of trying to conceive. However, you do not have to try for a…. read more

What Not to Say to Someone with Infertility

If you have a friend or family member with infertility, it can feel as if you are constantly making the wrong comments and putting your foot in your mouth. Most insensitive comments that are made are not meant to be hurtful. Instead, they are made out of a strong desire to say something that will…. read more

Accepting a Life Without Children

When an individual mentions that they are childfree after infertility, it typically implies that they do not have children from before their encounter with fertility, are no longer pursuing any fertility treatments, and they are not planning to adopt. Accepting the idea of living a childfree life after infertility can immediately be seen as the…. read more

Things to Stop Doing When Diagnosed with Infertility

If you are diagnosed with infertility, you may be making things harder on yourself without even realizing it. Perhaps you are so used to feeling this way that you forgot what it was like before your struggles with fertility. Take note of the following things that you may be doing, and work on halting these…. read more

Coping with Infertility in Your Relationship

Infertility can cause emotional stress, but it can also have a big impact on your relationships, especially romantically. While it may create tension in some cases, it can also bring you and your significant other closer. When conflicts arise, follow these tips: Allow for Differences Everyone copes in different ways, so don’t let yourself judge…. read more

How to Tell Others About Your Infertility

When you are ready to tell others about your infertility struggles, you may be wondering how you are going to break the news. Hiding infertility struggles can make you feel ashamed and alone, but breaking your silence can open new doors for support. Although empowering, it can also be a nervewracking task and the outcomes…. read more

Infertility, IVF, and Fertility Treatment Myths

Many misconceptions come along with fertility, IVF, and fertility treatments altogether. While more of these misconceptions occur to those outside of the fertility community, some are believed among those trying to conceive. Continue reading to get the truth behind some of the most common infertility and fertility treatment myths: Ejaculation = Fertility Most men with…. read more

When to Consider Fertility Counseling

Struggling with infertility can be harmful to your relationships, your well-being, and your day to day life. Seeking out a therapist can be helpful, whether it has been recommended by your reproductive endocrinologist, or perhaps to consider your options for building a family and how different choices may affect your romantic relationship. Are you wondering…. read more

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