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Becoming a Recipient Couple for NCCRM’s Egg Donor Program

There are many couples who struggle with conceiving naturally. In fact, one in eight couples struggles with getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. At NCCRM, we have a wide variety of services to assist growing families, such as sperm and egg donations in NC. If these options are interesting to you, read on to learn about the process for becoming a recipient couple and more information needed.

Process for Becoming a Recipient Couple

Some women have trouble using their own eggs for conceiving a child. This is where egg donations can be beneficial. At NCCRM, we have a list of applicants for egg donations in NC that are willing to donate eggs to women and families who need them. Couples who are interested in egg donations for pregnancy must fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Premature menopause
  • Absence of ovaries
  • Previous chemotherapy
  • Carriers for genetic disorders
  • Inadequate response to fertility medications
  • Multiple failed IVF cycles with her own eggs

The couple will meet with their NCCRM physician to discuss the patient medical history and a physical and ultrasound of the uterus are performed to ensure proper health. The recipient couple will also meet with an in-house psychiatrist who will inform the couple of possible complications and conflicts that may arise during the process. They will also attend an educational session about the procedure for stimulating growth and harvesting the eggs from the egg donor.

After Approval

Once the couple has been approved, they will then choose their top choices for the egg donor and the desired physical traits they would like in the child. The matching process can take between three to five months. Once a donor has been chosen and both parties are ready to begin the process, the potential father will provide a sperm sample to fertilize the ovum when they are ready. The couple will be required to cover the cost of the donor’s fertility treatments, labs, and additional costs needed to perform the egg donations.

NCCRM | Egg Donations in NC

At NCCRM, we take pride in assisting patients and couples with customized treatment plans, services, and more. From egg donations in NC to IVF, our staff will support you in deciding which plan is best for you. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

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