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Breakdown of the Egg Freezing Process at NCCRM

There are many different reasons to wait when having kids, whether it’s making sure the family is financially, mentally, and physically ready or something else. Naturally, fertility in women is highest between the ages of 20 and 28. By 35 years, the chance of conceiving per month is cut in half, and by 45, it’s reduced to 1%. Egg freezing is a great way to make sure that your eggs are ready and healthy when you are. NCCRM offers fertility treatment options, how to donate eggs in NC, and egg freezing services to help you grow your family on your own terms and help others grow their families through egg donation. Here is the breakdown of the egg-freezing process we perform at NCCRM.

The Egg Freezing Process

To start, patients will meet with one of our physicians for a consultation. Then, prescreening work will be done, such as hormonal lab testing, pre-conceptual screening, ovarian and uterine evaluation, and more. Following this, the patient will meet with a nurse to discuss the stimulation process and provide instructions on injecting the medication. Once the targeted cycle starts, egg production will be stimulated and frequent lab work will be done to monitor the egg growth. After the eggs have been matured and treated with the final injection, they will be retrieved. Finally, the in-vitro lab will freeze the eggs and store them for future use. From consultation to freezing, the process takes about two months.

Once the patient is ready to have children, the eggs will be thawed, inseminated, and implanted in her uterus. These eggs can also be donated to other families who are looking to have children. We can also help with how to donate eggs in NC if the patient decides to go that route.

NCCRM | How to Donate Eggs in NC

NCCRM is a fertility and gynecology clinic in Raleigh NC. We are happy to help you with a variety of different women’s health questions and problems, such as fertility treatments, diagnosing reproductive problems, how to donate eggs in NC, and more. Visit our website and contact us to set up an appointment today!

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