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How Anxiety and Depression Impact Fertility

Fertility can be impacted by a number of factors. From eating habits to mental health, it’s important to think about anything and everything that could be influencing your ability to get pregnant. At NCCRM, we are dedicated to helping couples and individuals have the family of their dreams by diagnosing problems with infertility and providing treatment methods, including talking about anxiety and depression and how they impact fertility. It’s important to talk about mental health and infertility with your fertility specialist NC, as it can aid their efforts in treating and assisting you.

Psychological Impact On Infertility

While there isn’t much research done on this topic, there are a few studies that show a correlation between anxiety and depression, and infertility. Anxiety, depression, and infertility can be a result of hormone imbalances in the body, which can contribute to each other. For example, some individuals resort to negative coping mechanisms when times get tough, and some of those, such as smoking or drinking, can make it difficult to conceive. When it comes to infertility and mental health, your fertility specialist NC at NCCRM can assist you with figuring out the root cause of infertility and overcoming it.

How You Can Improve Mental Health

If you’re working on mental health to improve fertility, there is a wide variety of activities that can help. Ensuring that there is minimal stress in your life can help you focus more on yourself and your goals. Here are a few additional tasks that people can do to manage mental stress or illnesses.

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Breathing exercises
  • Talk to a therapist and/or fertility specialist NC
  • Have open and honest conversations with your partner
  • Clean your living spaces
  • Spend time outside
  • Talk with a friend or family member

Talking with your physician about infertility and mental health is imperative when deciphering what is impacting your fertility levels. They can also provide support and suggest alternatives for treatments. If you think you’re mental ailment is impacting your ability to conceive, a visit to your fertility specialist NC would be beneficial.

NCCRM | Fertility Specialist NC

No matter what is causing your infertility, our specialists are dedicated to assisting you in finding the root cause and treatment methods that could improve your chances of having a child. At NCCRM, we offer a wide variety of treatment options for those looking to grow their family. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

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