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How Tubal Ligation Reversals Impact Fertility (And How They Don’t)

There are plenty of reasons why women decide to get their tubes tied, and it can create a lot of questions like, “Does tubal ligation cause early menopause?” and leave them pondering about the pain after tubal ligation surgery. One of the things women know before the procedure is that the chance of getting pregnant is little to none afterward. However, you can eventually get it reversed if you decide you would like to start a family or have more kids. Here are some different ways that getting a tubal reversal can impact fertility.

Success Rates

Success rates for this procedure can vary from patient to patient. Depending on maternal age, type of tubal ligation that was originally done, and original level of fertility. For some, it can have little to no impact on fertility. However, the odds for pregnancy are improved if:

  • The partner has a high sperm count
  • The patient is under 35
  • Presence of pelvic scar tissue
  • Type of sterilization

It is possible to have a successful pregnancy after a tubal reversal procedure, but there are still many different factors to consider. You can talk to your doctor about your procedure. Here at NCCRM, they can answer all of your questions before, during, and after the procedure including, “Does tubal ligation cause early menopause?” and, “What kind of fertility treatments can work for me after the procedure?”

Alternative Options

You don’t have to get your tubal ligation reversed in order to have children. In-vitro fertilization can be successful without having functioning fallopian tubes. It can also be a more successful alternative than tubal ligation reversal for women over 40 looking to have children.

NCCRM | Does Tubal Ligation Cause Early Menopause | Cary, NC

NCCRM can help you with a wide variety of different fertility treatments and other services, like tubal reversal surgeries. No matter what kind of questions you have, NCCRM is here to answer them for you before, during, and after the procedure. Questions like, “Does tubal ligation cause early menopause?” or about pain after tubal ligation surgery will all be answered for you. If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer here at NCCRM, please visit our website!

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