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How Your Genetics Influence Your Reproductive Health

Figuring out your reproductive health can be a struggle, especially since there is still a lot that is unknown about these parts of the body. In recent years, more research has been completed to find that women can take genetic tests to see if they are susceptible to certain diseases in their lifetime. This can be especially helpful for women who would like to become pregnant. NCCRM is a fertility and gynecology clinic that can provide diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries to help with a wide variety of different reproductive ailments. From Pomeroy tubal ligation to cancer treatments, we can help you decide what course of treatment is best for you and your lifestyle.

Breast and Ovarian Cancer

When it comes to cancer, genetics can play a big part in whether or not you or your kids will get it. Breast and ovarian cancers are high on the list of cancers that can pose a greater risk to those whose mother and grandmother had the disease or genetic makeup to house the disease. The BRCA1 (breast cancer gene 1) and BRCA2 (breast cancer gene 2) genes are responsible for about 10-15% of all ovarian cancer cases and 7-10% of all breast cancer cases.

Even if you do not have these genes, but have a grandmother, mother, daughter, or sister with ovarian cancer, you are still at a higher risk to develop these cancers. However, there are ways to help prevent breast and ovarian cancer, such as Pomeroy tubal ligation and maintaining a healthy weight.


Genetics can also play a part in fertility levels. Fertility rates are at a staggering low in recent years, and there could be a variety of reasons. Some women are waiting longer to have kids and men’s sperm count might be partially to blame, but it’s estimated that 50% of infertility cases are caused by genetic issues. Chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases can decrease fertility in women. This means that some individuals have inherited a condition that can stunt sperm development or cause the uterus to be inhabitable by embryos.

NCCRM | Pomeroy Tubal Ligation | Raleigh, NC

NCCRM, located in Raleigh, NC, is here to help our patients with a variety of different reproductive ailments. From cancers to endometriosis and infertility problems, we will make a plan with you that is best suited for you and your life. To learn more about our services, such as Pomeroy tubal ligation and in-vitro fertilization, please visit our website.

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