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Interested in a Tubal Reversal?

Interested in learning more about tubal reversals but afraid to ask more questions? Here are some tidbits that might help you…

IVF v. Tubal Reversal

The fact is they are both options for women that have had a tubal ligation. Tubal reversal is a surgery and when successful you can continuously get pregnant without the use of any advanced reproductive technologies. IVF, while a minor procedure, allows you to only get pregnant one time before having to do IVF another time for your next child.

Is age a factor?

Yes, age is always a factor. The older you become, the harder it will be to have children. There is always a possibility of having a child for women of advanced age, but the chances are very slim. NCCRM will perform blood work on older women to see their hormone production levels and how it will effect the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Is it safe?

As with any surgery, tubal ligation reversal has the same risks. It is a general anesthesia procedure that requires an incision at the bikini line area. It is always important that you tell your physician your complete medical history and any medical issues that you might have, so that the procedure can be done safely and effectively.

I don’t think I am fat. Why are you making me do liposuction?

A lot of women carry their weight in their midsection. The exact area where the tubes are repaired. Because Dr Toma uses a microscope to precisely repair the tubes, that layer of fat that is there makes it more difficult to do such a precise procedure. By eliminating the fat in that small area, the microscope can get much closer to your tubes to make the intricate and delicate repairs that need to be done.

Can you guarantee that I will have a baby after surgery?

Unfortunately, we can’t. There are many factors that can contribute to any surgery’s success. Don’t think that because you had babies prior to the surgery that you won’t have any problems getting pregnant. Again, age can cause issues. Other things that might lessen your chances of a successful surgery would be how you heal and if you develop scar tissue, your partner medical issues to name a few issues that could lessen a successful pregnancy.

How many surgeries have you done?

Dr. Toma has done thousands of surgeries over the years. His expertise and knowledge are the highest in the nation. He trained under Dr. Hulka (the inventor of the Hulka clips) to perform tubal reversals. Our surgery center is a same day center and most patients are able to go home the next day (we ask that anyone that lives further than 2 hours away stay in the local hotel should they develop any immediate complications).

Please do not be afraid to ask us questions, NCCRM is here to answer your questions. Call us today at 919-233-1680.

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