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Is Ovulation Pain Normal?

Experiencing pain during your periods isn’t uncommon at all. Nearly one is every five women experience some degree of ovulation pain. However, the degree to which different women experience this pain can vary.

Some women don’t feel any pain during their menstrual cycle, while other women experience painful periods alongside cramps. While the pain usually subsides within a few minutes to forty-eight hours, it can last longer. Ovulation pain shouldn’t be ignored, as it could be indicative of other health conditions. Reach out to your infertility doctor Cary at NCCRM if you are experiencing ovulation pain.

What Causes Ovulation Pain?

Once roughly every twenty-eight days, the female body goes through the ovulation phase. During this phase, either one of the ovaries releases an egg, also known as an ovum. Following this, the body waits for a sperm cell. If it does not detect one, the egg is discharged from the body.

This experience continues through a woman’s life until they reach menopause. Following this, a woman’s body is no longer releasing an egg. Until this phase, however, many women experience ovulation pain.

Usually, ovulation pain is harmless and no cause of concern. But if your pain lasts beyond forty-eight hours, or if you experience extreme pain or cramping, you should consider visiting a doctor.

Ovulation pain, in certain cases, can be associated with conditions such as cysts. Endometriosis is another condition that is associated with painful periods. Some of these conditions can also lead to infertility, especially if left untreated. Consider visiting NCCRM, infertility center Raleigh, to learn more about your ovulation pain.

If you’re looking for an infertility doctor Cary, NCCRM is the premier center for reproductive health in North Carolina.

Ovulation Pain and Infertility

Ovulation pain isn’t directly a symptom of infertility. To a certain degree, experiencing ovulation pain during your menstrual cycle is normal. You can think about visiting an infertility doctor Cary at the NCCRM fertility center if you’re concerned about your ovulation pain indicating infertility.

In certain cases, ovulation pain can indicate that there are underlying issues within the body. In these cases, extreme can occur in conjunction with other symptoms, such as heavy bleeding or spotty bleeding during your cycle. Visiting a doctor helps ensure that should such a condition exist, you can find treatment for it.

At the NCCRM fertility center, an infertility doctor Cary can answer your questions related to ovulation pain and infertility. 

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