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Laptops May Damage Sperm


A new scientific study has revealed a link between laptop use and the quality of men’s sperm quality. The Wi-Fi from the laptops is having a damaging impact to the sperm’s DNA. Even if only exposed for a few hours, the DNA damage is causing a reduction of movement and motility of the sperm.

“The word is cautionary,” said Dr. Dale McClure, Urologist and male fertility specialist from the University of Washington at Seattle. “I don’t think we should rush out and stop using laptops, but I think if you’re using a laptop, maybe not keep it on your groin.”

The study was presented by Argentine researchers here in Denver at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference. We asked men and women using laptops at Stella’s Coffee Haus on South Pearl Street how it might impact their laptop use. These research results will not impact laptop use, but it will help men be more aware of how they’re using them. Taking the laptops off of laps and on to tables can help stop the damage from the Wi-Fi.

“At this point in life, because I’m not considering kids, I don’t think it would even enter my mind,” said Kristina Stamatis, a high school teacher who is single.

“I don’t know how else I’d function without (my laptop),” said Nat Ridder, who is also single and childless, “And right now…sperm count doesn’t count for a lot in my lifestyle.”

“Our society has kind of pushed us to a point business-wise where you don’t really have a choice. You kind of have to use your computer all the time,” said Dale Greer, a wine dealer who said he and his wife are considering having children.



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