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Men’s Health Week: Male Factor Infertility

In recognition of Men’s Health Week, NCCRM is highlighting the value of a healthy lifestyle and how it can improve sperm quality in as little as two and a half to three months.

Infertility piechart1While mostly discussed as a female problem, 50% of infertility cases are in part male factor – with 40% solely male factor infertility and an additional 10% combined female and male infertility.

Testing for Male Infertility

Testing for male infertility is simple. A semen analysis will determine if you might be experiencing male factor infertility and results at NCCRM can be ready in a short amount of time. The semen analysis is looking for:

  • Volume – Besides sperm, semen contains amino acids, enzymes and several other secretions made by the male reproductive system. If the volume of ejaculate is low, that can mean the sample may be lacking in these important secretions that aid in the fertilization process. It could also signal a blockage or other issue in the semen’s pathway.
  • Concentration – This is what people commonly refer to as the “sperm count.” A low concentration can signal a problem with the testicles or male hormones that is preventing the testicles from making enough sperm.
  • Motility – The movement of the sperm is another important factor. If it is low, it can affect the ability of the sperm to reach the female reproductive tract and find the egg.
  • Morphology – This item refers to the shape of the sperm in the sample. The head of the sperm is the part that penetrates and fertilizes the egg. If these are misshapen, it may mean they do not contain the proper enzymes or other materials that are necessary to complete fertilization.

Treatment of Male Factor

Fortunately, with improved lifestyle choices combined with IVF and ICSI, many couples can conceive.  You can read more about male factor infertility by clicking here.  Call 800-933-7202 for an appointment to discuss your options.


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