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Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

There are many genetic and environmental factors that can affect fertility in men and women. If you are struggling with infertility, the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) is the premier center for reproductive health in North Carolina and the East Coast. Our team specializes in fertility testing, diagnosis, and treatment of infertility conditions. Diet and lifestyle changes can also contribute to helping boost fertility. Here are some natural ways to boost fertility:

Reducing Stress

The salivary enzyme alpha-amylase has been proposed to indicate stress-reactive bodily changes. Women with higher alpha-amylase levels may have a lower chance of conceiving naturally. When trying to achieve pregnancy, engage in stress reduction activities to keep these alpha-amylase levels low. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, receiving support and counseling is helpful for your chances of getting pregnant.

Healthy Weight

Being overweight or underweight can reduce fertility in women. A range of reproductive processes can be disrupted if you are overweight, including the development and quality of the fertilization process and embryo growth. Being underweight can give women a higher risk of ovarian dysfunction, infertility, and preterm birth. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce the chances of these risks.


Being active can help to increase fertility in women and can even set back menopause to a later time. Moderate levels of exercise can have a positive effect on fertility but be sure not to overdo it. Exercising excessively without intaking enough calories can cause abnormal menstrual cycles and restrict fertility.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to naturally boost fertility in both women and men. Keep your stress levels low, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly. Understand your body and learn more about infertility at NCCRM. We are here to ensure that you understand infertility and the conditions that accompany it. We stay up-to-date on the latest infertility surgeries and medications to ensure that our patients always have the best of care. Contact us today!


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