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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Facts & Treatment Options

According to Very Well Family, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the reproductive organs, occurring when bacteria travel through the cervix to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Very rarely does PID lead to death. More commonly, PID can cause infertility, ectopic pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, tubal or ovarian abscesses, adhesions, peritonitis, and perihepatitis. Whether your PID is acute, chronic, or silent, NCCRM infertility clinic Cary NC has been providing advanced reproductive techniques to couples who dream of having a child of their own since 1992. Our physicians are fertility specialists who are here to help you understand PID and the treatment options available to you through NCCRM. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease | Infertility Clinic Cary NC | NCCRM

Treatment Of The Infection

Typically, PID treatment at NCCRM infertility clinic Cary NC starts with taking an antibiotic or two until your doctor is able to determine which bacteria is causing the infection. Lab tests will show your doctor if oral or injectable antibiotics are necessary, and pain medication may be prescribed along with orders to rest until you are fully healed. If the oral and injectable medications do not eliminate the infection, intravenous antibiotics may be needed, which would require hospitalization. Surgery would only be needed if an abscess on the fallopian tubes does not resolve with antibiotic treatment, or if the abscess ruptures or threatens to rupture. 

Treatment Of PID Related Pain

Once PID has been treated, some women will still experience pelvic pain. Adhesions and scar tissue can cause these pains but can be removed with surgery, over-the-counter pain relievers, antidepressants, hormonal treatments, physical therapy, acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, counseling, or trigger point injections. If none of these options eliminate the pain, a hysterectomy may be necessary as a last result. If this is the case, be sure to speak with your doctor at NCCRM about egg freezing or embryo cryopreservation before the surgery.

Treatment Of PID Infertility

PID-related Infertility is most commonly caused by having blocked fallopian tubes. Sometimes only one tube is blocked and you may be able to conceive on your own, but other times both tubes can be blocked. If this is the case, your treatment options include surgical correction of the blockage or IVF treatment. Hydrosalpinx is another common cause of PID-related infertility. In this case, you may have to have the affected fallopian tube completely removed to increase your chances of successful IVF. 

NCCRM Infertility Clinic Cary NC

If you’re experiencing chronic pelvic pain, it may be worthwhile to have surgery to remove any adhesions and possibly correct the blockages, even if the chance for natural pregnancy isn’t high. NCCRM, the premier center for reproductive health, was established to provide advanced reproductive techniques to couples who dream of having their own child. To date, we have helped thousands of families realize their dreams, so contact us today to see if we can help you realize yours. 

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