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Pelvic Pain Testimonial

“Since I was 14 years old, I have had severe pain in my pelvic area. The first doctor I saw put me through test after test, finally reaching the decision that the pain was caused by an ovarian cyst and that I needed to have surgery immediately. My father called Dr. Toma that same week to ask him for his expert opinion.  Dr. Toma instantly suggested I had another MRI and told us to wait for those results before doing anything. We received the results the day before I was scheduled for surgery, Dr. Toma told us that I did not need to have surgery to remove the cyst and most definitely did not need to have my ovary removed.
Then when I was 19 year old, after seeing two different doctors and trying various medicines to control the pain, my doctor told me I had endometriosis. He said in order for me to have the pelvic pain completely go away, I would need to have surgery. Once again we called Dr. Toma to see what he thought.  After filling him in, Dr. Toma immediately scheduled an appointment to see me that same week. In that appointment Dr. Toma told us what no other doctor had told me before. He said, “We are going to try every option possible before surgery; surgery is a last result for any patient, but especially for someone as young as you. We are not even close to needing surgery.”
From that day forward Dr. Toma has been my one and only doctor.  He has followed through on everything he told me that day. I have been on the same medicine for almost two years and it has completely eliminated the pain I was having daily. He has not only saved me from having potentially life changing surgeries twice and he was able to find a solution that works for me. Another reason Dr. Toma is that best in his field is because of how much he truly cares for each of his patients. ”
Mary L.

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