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Pomeroy Tubal Ligation with NCCRM

Some women decide that they would like to not have or stop having children, and this decision can be made for a variety of reasons. In doing so, they have many possibilities to choose from, from surgical to non-surgical. Certain individuals decide to use birth control or other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, but others want a more enduring option. At NCCRM, a clinic for reproductive medicine in NC, we offer a wide variety of options for those who are looking to prevent future pregnancies. One of the most common types of procedures that acts as a permanent sterilization method is tubal ligation surgery.

What Is Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation is a procedure performed to sterilize the patient, preventing them from getting pregnant, by incapacitating the fallopian tubes by cutting, tying, or blocking them. This allows the patient to stop taking birth control and other pregnancy preventatives, but it does not avert sexually transmitted infections or diseases. There are many types of tubal ligation that can be performed by your local practice for reproductive medicine North Carolina, and all of them are done in different ways. A common tubal ligation surgery that is performed is called Pomeroy tubal ligation.

The Pomeroy Tubal Ligation Procedure

During the Pomeroy tubal ligation surgery, a loop is created in the fallopian tube and then tied with a suture. After that, the loop is removed and the ends of the fallopian tubes are cauterized. This procedure can be reversed if the patient later decides to have children. At NCCRM, one of the top centers for reproductive medicine in NC, we offer both tubal ligation surgery and tubal ligation reversal.

NCCRM | Reproductive Medicine in NC

If you’re looking for reproductive medicine North Carolina, whether it’s fertility treatments or gynecological procedures, we are ready to assist you. At NCCRM, we are dedicated to the health and happiness of our patients, no matter what stage of life they’re in. For more information about our clinic for reproductive medicine in NC, please visit our website or contact us today.

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