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Reducing Stress While Trying to Conceive

One of the most common recommendations from a clinic for reproductive medicine in NC to couples trying to conceive is to lower stress. While this is easier said than done, it is possible to reduce the number of stressors in your life. At NCCRM, we offer high-quality fertility treatments and resources for couples trying to grow their families. Here are a few things that both partners can try when working to reduce stress in their lives.

Keep A Journal

While talking with a friend about your troubles and stressors can be helpful, sometimes it’s better to keep them to yourself. Keeping a written or verbal journal can help you to express and process how you’re feeling while also allowing your subconscious to process and even come up with a solution. It’s also a great way to track your symptoms, and how you’re feeling, and make note of any questions you might want to ask your medical professional at reproductive medicine North Carolina.

Be Informed

One of the most stressful things about conceiving is not being in the know. Whether it’s not knowing whether you’re pregnant or not or if you’re experiencing infertility, being informed can help reduce uncertainty and, in turn, reduce stress. Talking with the expert at your clinic for reproductive medicine in NC, such as NCCRM, and reviewing the resources offered on our website can assist in reducing uncertainty and keep you in the know about your family-growing journey.

Get Outside

Spending time outside offers a variety of benefits for the mind, body, and emotions. It allows for more opportunities to exercise and get your body moving. Spending time outside is also relaxing and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. If you’re curious about activities and opportunities the outdoors has for you and your partner, a professional at your clinic for reproductive medicine North Carolina can point you in the right direction.

Do Something That Relaxes You

While a bath and face mask can be relaxing for some, it isn’t always the most fun for others; everyone finds relaxation and peace in different things. Explore different activities or situations and find what makes you feel relaxed. It might take some trial and error, but take note of any activity you’re doing if your heart rate is going down and your mind is calmer, such as:

  • Focusing on your breathing
  • Going for a walk
  • Petting an animal
  • Volunteering
  • Reading a book
  • Painting or creating something
  • Avoiding social media

NCCRM | Reproductive Medicine in NC

Not only do we offer some of the highest-quality care for reproductive medicine in NC, but we also are happy to offer gynecological services and resources for those who are struggling with their reproductive health. Whether you’re just starting to grow your family or are going through menopause, our staff is dedicated to assisting you with your overall health and wellness. For more information, please visit our website!

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