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Should I Have an Essure Removal?

The Essure device is a set of metallic coils used for female sterilization. After the Essure device is placed, the fallopian tubes cause scarring around the coils, which block the tubes. It is an effective form of contraception, but some patients may experience issues with the device and experience symptoms attributed to the Essure coils.


The most common symptoms include pelvic pain, heavy or irregular periods, cramping or pain with periods, and pain with intercourse. Some may experience joint problems or systemic symptoms attributed to the Essure coils. Women have also experienced hemorrhage, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression, and weight gain. Others may have had a device malfunction in which there was breakage or the device was not positioned properly. Essure removal may not always relieve your symptoms, but it is definitely an option that could help. 

Essure Removal

Microsurgery is required to remove the Essure device in order to safely remove all three components of the device as well as any coil fragments from the walls of the fallopian tubes. The device consists of three components: an inner plastic fiber, a flexible stainless steel inner coil, and an outer nickel-titanium alloy coil. Leaving behind a piece of the device may not allow the improvement of symptoms. If a woman still does not want to become pregnant, a tubal occlusion will be done at the time the Essure device is removed.

The microsurgery takes approximately one hour and is done under general anesthesia through a 2-4 inch incision by the bikini area. Recovery is usually five to seven days. There is no guarantee that your symptoms will improve or go away completely, but it appears that Essure removal helps the majority of women who have Essure device-related problems. Removal of the device will not restore your fertility because your fallopian tubes will not be attached to your uterus. 


Dr. Sameh Toma is highly experienced in safely removing the Essure device. If you are interested in moving forward with Essure removal, please fill out these forms and submit them safely through our website. Our staff will be in touch with you after you have sent us the completed forms. The fee for only the removal of the Essure coils is $4,000. If you are wanting to restore your fertility after removing the Essure coils, the fee is $6,250. Please note, the upper limit BMI to qualify for surgery at any outpatient surgery center is 35. You can find out your BMI here.

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