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Signs of Infertility

If you and your partner are having trouble growing your family, you’re not alone; there are many individuals and couples that struggle with infertility. While it is common and nothing to be ashamed of, it can still impact couples mentally, emotionally, and physically. At NCCRM, a top fertility specialist NC, we offer a wide variety of fertility treatments and services that allow couples to have the family of their dreams. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, here are a few symptoms and signs of infertility to look out for.

Signs of Infertility In Women

Oftentimes, infertility can be related to underlying conditions or lifestyle choices, but there are a few situations in which the cause of infertility is unknown. An NC fertility clinic, such as NCCRM, can help patients and couples decipher the cause and treatment options. While we are prepared to help patients have the family of their dreams, there are a few signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for in women who could be struggling with infertility.

  • Irregular periods
  • Painful or heavy periods
  • Hormone fluctuations (change in sex drive, hormonal acne, facial hair growth, etc.)
  • Pain during sex

Signs of Infertility In Men

Sometimes, it’s the male partner that is struggling with fertility problems. In order to decipher this, your fertility specialist NC will perform a variety of tests to ensure that your body is working at its fullest potential. While it may not always be obvious, there are some symptoms to observe to see if the male partner is struggling with infertility.

  • Problems with ejaculation
  • Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
  • Pain, swelling, or a lump in the testicle area
  • Decreased facial or body hair growth
  • Lower than normal sperm count

While there are signs that can be linked to infertility, there is also some cases where no clear symptoms or reasons why infertility can impact a couple. However, your NC fertility clinic, NCCRM, is dedicated to doing everything we can to help you have the family of your dreams.

NCCRM | Fertility Specialist NC

At NCCRM, we understand that experiencing infertility can have an impact on one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. That’s why our top fertility specialist NC will work to assist patients in having the family of their dreams, while also aiding in the healing and coping process. Whether you’re looking for a support group or a new fertility treatment, our website is full of useful information for everyone in the family-growing process.

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