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Signs Of Ovulation

When it comes to having children, common advice given by a clinic for reproductive medicine North Carolina is to try as often as possible. However, there are more specific times during the menstrual cycle in which you have a higher chance of getting pregnant. A common stage is called ovulation, but what is ovulation and how can you tell when you’re ovulating? At NCCRM, one of the top clinics for reproductive medicine in NC, we are happy to assist you in having the family of your dreams. We are happy to offer information about ovulation and how you can tell when you’re ovulating.

What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation occurs when the ovary releases an egg into the uterus, where it can be fertilized. Most women ovulate once a month, and the egg can stay in the uterus for 24-48 hours. While this seems like a small window of time in comparison to the rest of your menstrual cycle, you do not have to have sex during the exact time of ovulation in order to get pregnant. There is a “fertility window” that everyone with a uterus has to get pregnant, but most are more likely to get pregnant during ovulation itself. There are a few tasks you can do in order to tell if you’re ovulating, such as speaking with a professional at your clinic for reproductive medicine North Carolina, but you can also keep an eye out for common signs and symptoms of ovulation.

Signs and Symptoms of Ovulation

Ovulating looks different for everyone, but there are many common signs of ovulation that those who are trying to get pregnant should keep an eye on.

  • Changes in cervical mucus
  • Heightened senses
  • Breast pain and tenderness
  • Changes in libido
  • Basal body temperature falls, then rises slightly
  • Mild cramps or pain in the abdomen

While these signs can help predict when ovulation is occurring, it still takes time and patience when making a baby. It might not happen during the first month or so, but consistent tracking and monitoring of the body can assist in making the process easier. If you’ve been trying without protection for a year or more and are still unable to conceive, your clinic for reproductive medicine in NC, such as NCCRM, offers tests, diagnosing, procedures to improve fertility, and tips for conceiving.

NCCRM | Reproductive Medicine in NC

Whether you’re struggling with infertility or are just looking for tips on how to conceive naturally with ease, our clinic reproductive medicine in NC is here to help. We offer a wide variety of fertility treatments and resources for patients and their families. If you’re trying to conceive or looking for some assistance in growing your family, visit our website!

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