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How can you prepare for IVF Treatments?

So, you are ready to move forward with IVF and are wondering how you can best prepare for your first set of IVF treatments? Don’t spend days stressing out, which will not help your chances of a successful IVF, the experienced doctors and staff here at NCCRM have put together a list of things for you to expect when beginning your IVF treatments and how you can increase your chances of a successful result with your IVF treatments.

Initial workup with the doctor:

This will require that you have your blood work done, a saline ultrasound to evaluate your uterus and your partner have a semen analysis.

Education class visit:

This will allow you to speak with the nurses while you learn about the medications you will be taking and how to take them. You will be going over your consent forms and learning about the entire process in more detail.

Financial preparation:

It is recommended that you speak with one of our financial counselors should you have questions regarding fees. They are easily available by phone or by scheduling a time to meet with them, one on one to discuss the ins and outs of the costs of IVF.

Alternative therapies:

 Supplements:  If your doctor hasn’t already done so, there are different supplements available to help both you and your partner. Cary Med Spa offers both female and male reproductive vitamins to help increase your chances of success.
Acupuncture:  While acupuncture therapy has been discussed back and forth, there is no doubt that it does relax you and help relieve stress which can contribute to having an unsuccessful cycle. If you are looking for alternative relaxation methods, that might increase your fertility chances- this might help.
Massage: Fertility massage is available for some. It is limited in when you can schedule this therapy based on your menses and IVF cycle.  Massage therapy does help increase blood flow to the ovaries in an effort to help produce quality eggs.
PRP therapy: This procedure, though slightly invasive, can help by using your own plasma rich platelets to both increases your uterine lining or help to rejuvenate your ovaries. This type of blood cell therapy uses your own plasma to help your body heal itself.

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